Home decor encompasses a wide range of interior design elements from flooring to furniture. But there are also tons of decorative and ornamental items that can give personality to your space. Accessorising your room with the right rugs, curtains and lighting makes a different between a stylish and an outmoded interior space. Here are 10 home decor essentials that every home must have to look its best.

1. Floor Lamp and Table Lamp

There are a wide variety of floor lamps and table lamps available ranging from ultra-modern to vintage. Lamps that have bold geometric shapes, clean lines, minimalist details, and bright colours could be added as modern statement pieces. Lamps with ornate scrollwork and made from rustic-looking materials like brass, wood or bronze tend to create a vintage classic vibe. Changing removable lampshades allows you the versatility to switch the mood, style, colour and emphasis around the room. Floor lamps and table lamps also provide a convenient option to fill up empty corners and side-table tops.

Magical Lamps

2. Decorative Pillows and Cushions

Decorative pillows and cushions are the perfect way to breathe new life into any room. A group of new colours and fabrics can give a totally refreshing feel to your space. It is best to select one cohesive colour palette and have all your pillows in the same shade or in complementary shades for a polished and orderly style. But please go ahead and break the rules by layering different fabrics and patterns to create both tactile and visual textures. An asymmetrical arrangement using pillows of different shapes and sizes infuses interest and attitude into a room. If you are unsure about using prints, you can go with the simple formula of one solid, one simple print e.g. lines, and one busy pattern e.g. botanicals. Lastly, pillows and cushions are meant to add comfort to your sofa or bed. So, please don’t go overboard with having too many of them.

Cushion Throw Pillows

3. Carpets and Small Rugs

Carpets and rugs can add texture, colour, and warmth to your home. They provide an effective and quick upgrade that offers immediate transformation and instant gratification. The decision of whether you want a large carpet or a small rug depends on the size of your home and the areas you wish to define in each room. However, this decision can also be driven by whether the floor covering serves a decorative or functional purpose. Carpets and rugs create visual pathways that connect one area to another in a room space. They help to pull together the entire interior design scheme. For example, use a hall runner with some colours that are similar to cushion throw pillows to create a cohesive interior space. Use carpets and rugs with long loops for a plush surrounding. Flat weave carpets and rugs made from natural materials are great enhancements for those who prefer organic minimalism.

Eclectic Rugs

4. Wall Art

Selecting the right wall art for your home can be a fun and creative experience. But, it is also one of the most difficult aspects of room decoration. Artwork in a room is like the piece of handbag or brooch that goes with clothing fashion. It brings the defining sparkle to your home’s personality. Wall decor can be bold and immediately attention-grabbing or it can be a subtle accompaniment that blends with the interior design. Artwork for walls come in the form of framed art, sculptures, basket weaves, macrame weaves, fabric tapestry, wall rugs, porcelain dinnerware, and many other things that can be hanged on the wall. Priceless framed wall art or carpets can serve both as home decor and an investment that may give you returns in the future.

Bold Wall Art

5. Ottoman, Poufs, or Floor Pillows

Ottoman, poufs, and floor pillows are more than just cushions for you to rest your feet on. They are an under-appreciated living room and bedroom staple. Ottoman poufs date all the way to the 18th century and are now multipurpose gems. You can use them as a decorative footstool, as extra seating, space-saving storage, and even as a substitute coffee table. Apart from being a handy piece of furniture, they are also statement decor pieces in your room. Choose small or oversized ones in leather, suede, or tufted fabric, as subtle yet crucial accessory for your home. They are available in solid colours, plain and patterned. Low-rise floor pillows create a more relaxing and chilled ambience than the stool-height seating poufs.

Ottomans & Poufs

6. Vases and bowls

Vases and bowls infuse elegance and flow in your interior spaces, whether they are used to hold floral bouquets or purely as decorative accessories. They tend to be uplifting because a beautiful piece will surely draw admiration and inquiry. If you have acquired them on a vacation, vases and bowls can be conversation starters. The best places for vases and bowls are where you wish to bolster a sense to elevation e.g. on corner tables, tall shelves, fireplaces or television consoles. Large tall vases are standalone decorative elements in themselves. Recent trends have seen increased interest for handcrafted vases by modern day artisans for their more eclectic and sculptural character. Each handmade piece is never the same giving a sense of uniqueness and value.

7. Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are natural and timeless home decor accessories. They add colour and freshness that brightens up the place. Other than bringing the outside into our homes, botanicals add more organic and random shapes in the room. This helps to soften interior design schemes with many straight lines and defined shapes. Plants and flowers have a calming effect. Large leaves such as the monstera deliciosa, are great accompaniments to a tropical Asian theme. For a coastal style, use palm leaves with long narrow fronds. Flowers with wide petals and blooms tend to create a homely and cosy atmosphere.

8. Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds are crucial aspects of decor that can make or break the rhythm of the room. From substantial and ornamental to light and breezy, curtains come in heavy opaque textiles to sheer fabrics. They are available in a variety of patterns as well as solid colours. The aesthetic possibilities are endless. Deeper colours on curtains can make a room appear smaller. Sheer curtains do not shield from the sun. In this case, sheer curtains can be used in combination with blinds that block out the sun and heat. A more classical room style can be achieved when curtains are used with pelmets, valance and swags. Alternatively, blinds confer a sleek and simple style more suitable for an ultra modern home decor.

9. Basket or Holder Rack for Magazines

Magazine holders are not just purposed for organising magazines and clearing clutter. This humble piece of furniture has been a subject of creative revolution. They are no longer lifeless containers on the floor. Materials technology has enabled magazines and books to be housed in fashionably formed and joined racks. While most are designed to be accessible near the seats, some holders are designed to hold magazines and journals on the wall. Seeing is believing in these wonderful must-see examples:

  1. It’s About Time You Organized Your Magazines
  2. 51 Magazine Holders To Cut Paper Clutter In Style

10. Bathroom Towel Set

Don’t we just love those neat and pretty towel sets in hotel rooms. Yet, towel sets are one of the most overlooked home decor elements. Coordinated towel sets indisputably brings bathroom and bedroom decor to the next level. They simply look luxurious and provides a sense of an elite lifestyle. You do not need to burn your pockets buying expensive towel sets. If you cannot find readily available sets, it just takes a little more effort to look for towel fabrics and colours that complement each other and harmonise with the interior decor scheme. With online shopping at our disposal, finding and comparing towels is no longer akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

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