Creating wedding invitations is one of the starting points in planning your big day. Your invite design not only gives a sneak peek into your style of celebration but also gives you an opportunity to express your individuality.

Traditional Wedding Invitations

Traditionally, floral designs are the favourites on wedding invitations because they exude a soft and romantic vibe. While floral designs are a classic choice for wedding invites, it might not always meet your modern design aesthetics.

Rise in Modern Designs

Wedding invitation designs have undergone massive transformations over the past few years with new materials and advanced printing technology. With constantly evolving wedding styles, the range of wedding stationery designs has also widened immensely.

Nowadays, couples want to go for a stationery design that is in sync with their personality, wedding theme and colours. There is a huge inclination towards modern wedding invitations that are minimalist and contemporary.

Regardless of your wedding theme or celebration style, our list of trending edgy wedding invitation designs will help zero down on the best option to announcing your big day.

Edgy Wedding Invitations

1. Geometric: When it comes to edgy wedding invitations, Geometric patterns are the most sought-after designs. Geometric wedding invitations offer a striking contemporary feel and look extremely stylish against contrasting backgrounds.

2. Black And White: A black and white wedding invitation embodies elegance and class. You can either go for white on black or opt for black on white for designing your personalised wedding cards. The best part about choosing a timeless black and white invitation is the fact that it fits all wedding styles.

3. Neon Text: Wedding invites with neon text have a casual and informal appeal. It is a great shout-out to let your hair down and expect a really exuberant party. It is perfect theme for a fun-loving couple. Neon text is very vibrant and the colours may be more difficult to work with. It would be advisable to work with experienced designers and printers.

4. Bold Graphics Line Art: Wedding invitations with bold graphics line art look ultra modern and chic. This is again a hassle-free minimalist theme. Floral line art is very romantic, and can represent lightness and purity. Line art is more popular in black text on white background. Increasingly, there are also outlines done in neutral, earth-tone colours.

5. Text Focused Design: Text focused designs make for super clean wedding invitations. Oversized cursive and handwriting font typefaces look dramatic on this style. This is usually used together with neatly arranged simple and contrasting font typefaces. Modern calligraphy is popular on this style to create beautiful attention-grabbing text flourishes and flicks. But the style can also look almost preppy or corporate at times. Definitely a great choice for the seriously romantic couple who prefer minimalist aesthetics.

6. Colour Blocking: You can also go for colour blocking to come up with ultra modern wedding invitations. Colour blocking designs look playful, artistic and vibrant, working as an ultimate mood lifter for guests.

7. Marble Inspiration: Wedding invitation cards with marble-inspired designs look sophisticated and luxurious. Marble motifs can be vibrant or soft depending on the colour combination used. Multi-coloured marble has a fun vibe while single-coloured marble is calming and romantic.

8. Wide Brushstroke: You can also choose the wide brushstroke style to design eye-catching wedding invitations. The wide brushstroke design adds a raw and edgy appeal, keeping your wedding invitation bold and stylish.

9. Modern Cityscape: Wedding invitations inspired by the modern city skyline design are perfectly suited for couples planning a wedding in the urban cityscape. No destination beach or country weddings for this couple. They are getting married right there in the neighbourhood.

10. Border Outline: Border outline wedding invitation cards look aristocratic. A simple gold border with baroque-inspired calligraphy gives a royal opening to a grand wedding. Use gold-foil text for a more opulent touch.

11. Origami: If you are someone who likes to stay updated with modern trends, then you might take this opportunity to standout with Origami wedding invitations. Origami wedding invitations make the whole experience quite interesting for your guests. Just don’t rush when opening up the flaps and end up with shreds.

12. Watercolour: Wedding invitations featuring watercolour designs look absolutely magical and pleasing to the senses. The designs for watercolour wedding invitations can be inspired from nature. If you’re looking to create an earthy and peaceful vibe for your invite, this might be a perfect choice for you.

13. Plantable Paper: Modern couples are becoming more and more conscious about making eco-friendly choices while planning a wedding. So, it’s a no-brainer to opt for sustainable wedding invitations made from biodegradable paper. You can print your wedding invitation on seed paper that can be later planted by guests in their respective yards. On the whole, by choosing an edgy design on a plantable paper, you can make your unique wedding invitation both contemporary and sustainable at the same time.

14. Starry Night: A starry night-style wedding invitation is an absolute delight for couples who love star-gazing. A minimalist wedding invitation with a starry night pattern offers a complete shift from cards with traditional floral designs. Couples planning a nighttime wedding can also pick up the starry night theme to design their wedding invitation or save the dates card.

Give a Modern Twist to your Wedding Invitation Design

Gone is the time when wedding invitations were just about romantic and traditional floral designs. So, no matter what theme you’ve chosen to celebrate your big day, you can always have some fun designing your wedding cards.

Modern wedding invitations offer a wide range of design themes to choose from. The dynamic and magical designs used to creating contemporary wedding invitations can help bring your big day to life. So, wait no more and choose a unique wedding invitation design to share your special moment with friends and family in the most impressive way!

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