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2021 Popular Interior Design Trends

2021 Popular Interior Design Trends

As we step into 2021, we look back at 2020 with mixed feelings. 2020 was the year of the pandemic that made people stressed and worried about their health. At the same time, it brought careers into the home. Most people started working from home (WFH). The trend has today become popular and many top companies are extending WFH arrangements. This trend is likely to continue in 2021 and perhaps, even beyond.

As a result, homes have become offices where virtual meetings are held. People now are conscious of how their homes look. Homes are getting refurbished to improve the décor. Apart from looking good, the concern for homeowners is to make their homes more comfortable. One of the most popular home décor trends of 2021 is comfort,  with people wanting their home to be a sanctuary. The focus on interior design is not merely restfulness but on engaging the senses of work and rest that can both co-exist under the same roof.

What will continue?

Some of the 2021 home décor trends are those that came into vogue in 2020. The trends that would continue into 2021 are:

1. Comfort

Comfort is the key trend in interior décor, with people wanting their home office to be comfortable. Plush furniture, fully stacked bookshelves, warm colors for interior décor, and the use of decorative objects as a finishing touch would define comfort.

2. Back to traditional styles

Traditional styles are making a comeback. In 2020, people once again went back to traditional interior décor, and this trend is set to continue in 2021. Traditional designs are appearing in furniture designs in 2021 and gaining in popularity. Antique furniture is preferred more than mass-produced factory pieces. Walnut wood, with its rich colour, has made a strong comeback, and snapped up by homeowners. Tufted furnishings are a throwback to the classical look of the Roaring ’20s.

3. Home gyms

With the focus being on wellness, one of the interior design trends of 2021 that will continue from the previous year is the home gym. Most gyms are located close to workplace offices. With people now working from home, it becomes a hassle to travel all the way to their gyms and would prefer the convenience of working out at home. Room space must certainly be set aside for a well-designed and fully-equipped home gym that sets the right ambience for a workout.

4. Art deco

Art deco style made a comeback in 2020. It is likely to be popular this year too. The use of geometric forms and sleek designs make a home look more attractive. Art deco is synonymous of luxury. When skilfully used in interior design, it goes very well with sleek modern styles and adds personality to minimalist interiors.

What is out of style?

As we enter 2021, there are certain interior design trends that are no longer popular. These are out of style and no longer preferred by most designers.

1. Matching furniture

There was a time when matching furniture was the rule. This rule is being gladly broken by designers today. A mix of different elements and colours is one of the defining elements of home décor trends now.

2. Large accent walls

Large accent walls used to be a popular trend, with most designers incorporating them in home design. Today single-coloured walls are used in living room designs in 2021. A single colour provides a better canvas for colourful decor and accessories.

3. Hospital-like bathrooms

Bathrooms that were white like hospitals and laboratories are now completely out of fashion. There is now a preference for natural looks with softer designs. Coloured tiles and murals create stunning spa-like havens.

4. Grey in kitchens is out

The modern kitchen design of 2021 is no longer confined to grey. Grey is considered a cold colour and does not sit favourably in kitchens. Bolder colours, tiled backsplashes, marble countertops and dark drama are coming into kitchens. Top designers predict the use of indigo blue for kitchen designs.

Latest interior designs for 2021

1. Yellow and grey

One of the home décor colour trends in 2021 that is likely to become really popular is the use of yellow and grey. The combination involves a pale grey with an illuminating yellow colour. Pantone has gone ahead and named these colours as shades of the year. This combination represents hopefulness and optimism about the future.

2. Rustic and cottage styles

A rustic cottage style is being adopted to imbue comfort into homes. This brings an element of nostalgia, reminding us of the good old days living in the rural countryside. This style focuses on the use of natural elements like wicker chairs or bamboo shades. Neutral colour for large decorative elements with a pop of colour makes this design stand out.

3. Bold colours and patterns

Vibrant colours and snazzy patterns are trending again. They are making a comeback in interior design for wallpapers and fabrics. Hues like marigold and coral create a bold effect in interior design. Bold colours on the walls can be matched with neutral tones on furniture to get a perfect effect. Patterned flooring creates a vintage style that harmonises with any art deco elements.

4. Industrial styling

Industrial style design brings in flexibility in interior design. It is essentially a no-nonsense design inspired by lofty warehouses and the use of metals and bricks. It is a simple form of design that uses recycled elements, making it sustainable. Combining wood and metal, highlighting exposed pipes, and including factory accessories are elements of this design. The industrial design is unpretentious and somewhat exudes a sense of unconventionality.

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5. Botanical designs

With a back-to-nature focus, it is no wonder that botanical trends are emerging for bedroom decor in 2021. Using plant motifs in the design for wallpaper and fabrics used in the bedroom can create a pleasant and soothing effect. A bedhead panel with botanical designs adds a touch of bohemian and introduces an ethnic ambience. Natural colours in warm tones, like reddish-brown, help to bring all of nature into internal spaces.

6. Peel and stick wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper helps to provide an interesting and stimulating home environment. They are easy to install, and what’s even better is that these wallpapers are removable. This means there is always room for making mistakes because they can be easily repositioned. It is a hassle-free way to add interesting patterns and visual texture around your space. If you don’t like it, just peel it off any time and change the design.

The COVID pandemic has brought in changes in interior design. These changes are becoming popular as homeowners have become more discerning. There is now greater focus on adding elements of comfort, wellness, and sustainability in home décor. These elements will likely continue to be featured in interior design trends in 2022.

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