3 Ways To Decorate Favor Boxes Using Gift Tags

Thank You Gift Tag

Create a crafting challenge for yourself using gift tags. Don’t just hang them from a string. There are many ways to attach gift tags to your gifts. Watch the video tutorials below and start personalizing. Sign up here to receive a 40% discount code for all gift tags and sticker labels.

If you want to make your gifts to look fashionable, take a look at how we match the right gift tag design to the colour and shape of your gift boxes.

Using gift tags is such a simple and great way to decorate your gifts. Plus you can send a short heartfelt message on your gift tag instead of using a bulky greeting card. The easiest way to attach a gift tag to a gift box is to hang it from a string. But we want to show you more creative and fun ways to do that.

We also want to demonstrate how a little bit of crafting skills can add enhancements to the gift tag. Just watch the video tutorials we have created below.

1. Decorate A Mini Nutella Jar With Gift Tag

We propped our Perpetual Spring gift tag onto clean ice cream sticks. These are then stuck to the back of the mini nutella jars. It’s a beautiful way to dress up mini jam or honey jars as favors for a wedding or bridal shower.

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2. Decorate a Plain Favor Box with A Gift Tag

If you still prefer to hang the gift tag on a string, here’s how to do it so that the gift tag does not swing around. Watch how we pull the string through the gift tag so that it is attached snugly onto the gift box. Our Periwinkle Blue Cascade gift tag adds soft colour and style to a plain white gift box.

3. Embellish the Gift Tag and Stick It to The Gift Box

For a fun-loving look, we used a fun-loving Olives By The Sea gift tag. The string hole on the gift tag is covered by a glitter heart. It is then stuck onto the gift box with a double-side adhesive tape. The combination is perfect for hand gifts at a summer lunch barbecue.

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