5 Functional and Practical Wedding Favors People Will Actually Use

Bath Accessories Wedding Favor

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Guest favors and hand gifts are customary at weddings and no wedding should ever omit them. Wedding favors are a symbol of appreciation from the bride and groom toward their guests. They also serve as souvenirs to remember that special day.

Sadly, many couples fail to pay attention to this aspect of their wedding reception, leaving the decision to the wedding planner as long as something … anything is given to their guests.

Aside from the party experience, wedding favors must be the most palpable guest takeaway. They are also bound to remain with us long after the memories have melted away.

The greatest guest peeve is when they are left with favors that have no functional or practical purpose.

These favors either end up as dust-magnets on our shelves or chucked aside. When you have 5 too many tea-bells or decorative plates, some are bound to be eventually discarded … so much for memories!

The most memorable wedding favors are those that guests may find useful and practical. Such favors hold more than sentimental value. Their effect goes a much longer way because their functionality brings about an immense sense of satisfaction and gratitude.

So stop giving away favors that make guests say (under their breaths) “Not another one!”.

Here is list of favor items that has use value that extends your appreciation to your guests in leaps and bounds.


Food items make great wedding favors. In fact, it is one of the most popular favor items at weddings. It’s always delightful to receive a goody bag and get to sample specialty foods. Examples of food favors include:

  1. Chocolates
  2. Candies
  3. Biscuits
  4. Jam or honey spreads
  5. Tea bags
  6. Macarons
  7. Marshmallows
  8. Assorted nut dragees
  9. Cupcakes
  10. Lollipops
  11. Mini drink packs or bottles – the list is endless!

Plus, they can be created in various colours and forms from pearlised candies and gold-coated nuts to personalised icing on biscuits and chocolates. They look exquisite on their own in a simple plastic wrap and sentiment tag combo.

One disadvantage of food items is that they are perishables with a short shelf life. You will also need to consider special handling, packaging and storage requirements to prevent exposure, contamination and spoilage. Chocolates, macarons and cream cakes are better stored at cool temperatures and in a dry environment.

They cannot be left on guest tables for too long. This means you will need to set up a dedicated place to store food favors and manage timings for handing them out to guests. Ask your suppliers whether they are able to provide storage facilities right up to and on your wedding day.


Bath and body accessories, like food, are usually extremely well-received as wedding favors. Everyone and anyone loves them infused with essential oil, perfumes, herbs and loofah. Our favourites are:

  1. Soap bar
  2. Shower gel
  3. Bath salts
  4. Hand moisturiser
  5. Body spray
  6. Bath bomb
  7. Candles

A simple solution for those watching the budget is to buy a large economy pack of shower cream and decant it into small bottles.

Paste a pretty personalised sticker onto the bottle or tie a ribbon and tag around it, voila … they will look impressively expensive!

A hand towel, face cloth or exfoliating towel can be included or given as a favor on its own. If budget is not an issue, favors can be personalised by etching your names onto bar soaps or have them embroidered on towels. Less commonly, we have seen:

  1. Manicure sets
  2. Room fragrance satchets
  3. Mini mouth wash bottles
  4. Mini hand sanitisers
  5. Mini perfume/cologne bottles

Just take care to ensure that bottles containing liquids are screwed tightly shut and oil-based products are wrapped with wax paper before packaging. We would not recommend giving away sharp objects at weddings. The primary reason is they could be injurious.

And some cultures deem sharp objects like scissors and clippers as bad luck and should not be presented at weddings because they may suggest broken relationships.


We are certain that guests will always appreciate getting travel accessories. Travelling is now the trend for everyone of all ages. Anything small and compact that stands as a travelling convenience or companion is always valued.

  1. Luggage tag wallets
  2. Travel cutlery set
  3. Soap sheets
  4. Mini power banks
  5. Luggage padlock
  6. Flight toiletries, all come to mind as very practical gifts.

They can be affordable especially when bought in bulk. It might be worth noting that travel accessories can at times look quite masculine. So be sure to get designs that will also impress the lady guests, who are also more likely to share great ideas around.


The most bizarre kitchen and household accessory we have ever encountered as a wedding favor is a pair of full-length barbecue tongs. But bizarre does not mean it is not impossible or should never be done.

The key here is to give away something functional, and none the more so than a kitchen or dining item. The only drawback here is you might be giving something that most people already have at home such as yet another bottle opener, coaster or salt shaker.

We suggest something more out of the ordinary such as:

  1. Beverage chilling stones
  2. Mini candy or herb container
  3. Reusable bottle stopper
  4. Foldable grocery bag
  5. Umbrella cocktail picks
  6. Bag-sealing clips
  7. Tea towel
  8. Mini shot glasses
  9. Mini boiled egg stand (include the boiled egg just for fun :D!)

Dress your items up in the right packaging, embellishments and personalised gift tag or sticker, and they will look irresistibly posh fit for any beautiful wedding.


Electronic and digital products are now as much a part of our lives as our toothpaste. We can’t live without them. This means our guests cannot live without them as well. Electronic and digital favors without a doubt will top the practicality rating.

Ok, please do not give an entire iPhone to each guest. In fact, you do not need to be extravagant. We have listed for you a bunch of electronic and digital favor items that will not split your wallet:

  1. Mobile phone dock holder or stand
  2. Mobile phone car mount
  3. Mobile phone anti-slip mat
  4. Cable winder and organiser
  5. Power adapter
  6. Micro USB converter
  7. Bluetooth earphones

These accessories cost anywhere between $2.00 to $8.00, and will fit nicely into the wedding repertoire of a tech savvy couple.

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