[Video] Make Japanese Pleats on Animal Print Gift Wrapping Paper

Leopard Pattern Gift Wrapping PaperIt may seem hard to find a place for animal print gift wrapping papers in current style trends that tend to lean towards minimalism. Plus leopard or cheetah prints are so 2013 … but we are not intimidated by this. As long as we love our snake skin handbags, faux fur coats and zebra print couches, animal prints will always be in fashion. Because we simply love them whether as cute bunny slippers and giraffe onesies or sensuous decor. Bottomline is, animal prints reach out to our adventuresome primal instincts and we humans are an inextricable part of the animal kingdom. A common obstacle of really bringing out the beauty of animal prints is the challenge of matching with the right embellishments. We must admit that animal prints can look a bit loud with shapes and colour combinations we humans are unaccustomed with.Leopard Pattern Gift Wrapping StyleA leopard (or cheetah) pattern gift wrapping paper is no different. But can we convince you that it offers more decorative versatility than one might think? Sweeten it up with a deep pink ribbon or add sophistication with a black ribbon. For us, we matched this gift wrapping paper with dark brown and olive satin ribbons for a more casual look inspired by The Jungle! We felt all the colours from the leopard patterns and ribbons sat so harmoniously with one another … like a wild cat placed comfortably in its habitat lurking among the shadows and vines.

Watch how we wrap:

The narrower olive ribbon is layered atop the wider brown ribbon and wrapped around the gift to make a band. That somewhat gave a brightening effect to a rather dark-ish background. Both ribbons are combined and twisted into the perfect designer bow that is then separately attached to the band. Neat Japanese pleats add elegance to the gift wrapping. The final drama is delivered by a white frangipani lone flower centerpiece for a dash of tropical prettiness.

Depending on individual perspective, the final outcome can look cute, sophisticated, sexy, sweet or whatever our mood compels us to see. Most of all, we think that it’s a gift wrapping decoration that fits any occasion and personality despite the wild factor.



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