[Video] Boho Chic Style Gift Wrapping with Flower Garden Paper

I am a child of the 1970s. The fact that we have been flooded lately with boho-style fashion is therefore simply marvellous. Say goodbye to monochrome and hello to a kaleidoscope of colours. We can’t wait to showcase some boho chic gift wrapping. It’s always more difficult to work with a riot of colours, but that’s the kind of challenge that we seek. The best thing about working with colourful wrapping papers is that we actually have a lot more decorative options than single-hued ones. We think that we have the perfect material to create the boho chic style and that is with our Flower Garden gift wrapping paper. This wrapping paper looks super retro and gives a close impression of counter-culture art.

Flower Garden GIft Wrapping Paper

Automatic Make-Up Brush CleanerThe gift is an automatic make-up brush cleaner that comes in a cubic box. The symmetrically shaped box is perfect for a Furoshiki-esque gift wrapping technique that involves aligning the corners of the paper with the straight edges of the box and folding the corners onto the lid of the box. The tricky bit is to get all the paper corners to meet at the centre of the box lid.

Watch the video on how we do it:

Boho Chic Gift Wrapping

We decorated the gift using a double-sided luxurious satin ribbon in teal made into a luscious bow. The more sombre teal hue added a touch of subtlety and sophistication. The riot of colours is suddenly tamed and ended up looking pretty classy.



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