[Video] Bottle Gift Wrapping Quickie Hack

We may all be really familiar with the situation of buying a bottle of wine as a dinner-party gift and completely clueless on how to gift wrap it. Sure these days wine bottles are usually nicely packed in nice, fitted branded bags.

But then our gift would look exactly the same as someone else’s, and worse, our host might know we got it from the same wine shop. Besides, gift wrapping would really help if you want to surprise someone with a premium vintage. Where is the suspense of just shoving an unwrapped gift onto someone and get to a enjoy the glee for a mere split second?

Bottle Gift Wrapping Hack

So gift wrap the wine bottle we shall, and we have the perfect hack to help you do that very quickly. Basically, we used the same paper roll-and-flatten technique that we created to wrap any circular shaped objects. It makes evenly spaced pleats that collapse into symmetrical folds even on sloping surfaces like the neck of a bottle.

More circular shape wrapping:

Watch how we do it:

The wrapping ends just before the mouth of the bottle, which is covered with a piece ribbon thrown over the top. The gift wrapping is finished off with a four-looped bow. The final style looks quite Texan, if you ask me.

You might have also observed that we used a empty sample bottle for this demo. That’s because we’ve emptied out all our wine 😀



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