Bottle Gift Wrapping Goth Style with Japanese Pleats

How would you gift wrap for a friend who struts the goth style? The answer is to give your gift wrapping a goth style too. This means lots of black, red, deep purple, lace trimmings, choker accessories and everything that lends an antiquated morbid look. First, we had to get into a dark and mysterious mood, which is really hard to do because gift wrapping is an inherently happy activity. But, at last, we managed to present a wine bottle gift wrapping in the goth style (or at least we think it is the goth style). We think it’s more like goth style with a touch of elegance and sophistication. We hadn’t had time to do a video or photo tutorial but would love to share the final style anyway.

Goth bottle with Japanese pleats

We started by making lots of Japanese pleats on red crepe paper. There should be enough pleats to go all the way around the bottle. So do be sure to make the necessary measurements first. Crepe paper is soft enough to manipulate and to cover odd shapes. It is also sufficiently strong to withstand multiple folding, scrunching and pulling when wrapping a bottle.
Make Japanese Pleats on Animal Print Gift Wrapping Paper

Goth bottle with Japanese pleats

We completed the goth look with this perfect black Raschel lace ribbon that we strung through a gorgeous rhinestone choker buckle. For the photo shoot, we placed the bottle in between the gothic spokes of a brass gate flanked by two gothic (no less) crystal goblets. I must say we were pretty pleased with the outcome.



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