[Video] Make a Handbag Gift Box Using the Brother ScanNCut Machine

Recently, we became the proud owner of a Brother ScanNCut paper and fabric cutting machine. We got the CM900 model, which comes with wireless connectivity. This way template files can be transferred from our laptops or desktops to the machine wirelessly without the need for USB sticks. Yes! We can create cut-out designs, including box, sentiment tags and other decorative templates directly on the ScanNCut touchscreen consul or on the free web-based ScanNCut Canvas software. Plus, we were lucky to be given a super sweet deal of a 30% discount at Spotlight Singapore, thanks to our VIP membership.

We have been designing and cutting boxes ever since. At least, I am completely enamoured by the endless crafting possibilities. There are also numerous available template designs on the Canvas software that can be simply downloaded and turned into instant favour boxes. We shot a video footage on how we created a handbag favour box from one of these templates.

Watch how we made a handbag favour box with ScanNCut:

So what’s our verdict? The ScanNCut is totally divine. It now occupies a haloed spot on our computer working table adjacent to our inkjet printer. In fact, the ScanNCut technology works almost like a printer but instead of printing, the machine cuts out the patterns. By replacing the cutter blade with a universal pen holder, patterns and text can be drawn onto any craft work. The cutter blade is able to cut material as thick as leather and paper board up to 400gsm.

The CM900 model comes with the following (at least ours did):

  • ScanNCut machine
  • One scraper
  • One standard sticky cutting mat
  • One middle tack sticky cutting mat
  • Multi-coloured erasable pens
  • One cutter blade
  • One pen holder

Does that sound like a good deal or what!!



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