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Personalised Stickers

We are pleased to announce the opening of our brand new online store. It has been a long journey and sometimes, a difficult one. But we managed to hit this milestone with a new collection of products. Here’s what’s changed … we are no longer offering ribbons for sale. The gift wrapping papers are still available on our store. But the major product additions are the custom stickers and gift tags.

Custom Gift Tags

If you are embellishing your gifts or favors with stickers and tags, then the good news is that now you can order them straight from our web store. There are two great things about ordering from us. Firstly, these are personalisable custom stickers and tags. Secondly, we are continuously launching new designs and colours at least every month so that you can enjoy a wider variety.

Watch this demo of our store:

More updates:

Right now, we have stickers and tags for weddings. We started with “Thank You” sentiments that can be personalised with the names of the bride and groom, as well as the wedding date. You could also choose the preferred name arrangement e.g. bride & groom or groom & bride. And if you don’t need personalisation, that’s also fine by indicating this on your order.

Plus, various sticker shapes are available in circular, square, scallop to curvy frames. However, this is offered for the stickers only. Unfortunately, the gift tags will only come in the square or rectangular shape for now.

Check out some our new designs:



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