[Video] Flower Looped-Top Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping Style for Cylindrical-Shaped Gifts

Christmas may have left us but the season for giving continues as Valentine’s Day looms in the horizon. It is never too early to let the romanticism ooze out because there shouldn’t be such a thing as last minute Valentine’s Day shopping. Trust me, your date will smell a last minute gift. An occasion like Valentine’s Day requires lots of careful planning and thought.

So that’s why we want you to get going right now and we will be with you all the way starting with this flower looped-top gift wrapping style for cylindrical-shaped gifts. The heart-shaped gift wrapping paper is an obvious opening theme for Valentine’s Day 2018. The gift wrapping style idea is all about flourishing volume and flowery blooms.

Watch how we create this wrapping style:

Other romantic gift wrapping:

Basically, what we did was to cut the wrapping paper into 2 parts. The wrong blank side of one part is re-attached to the patterned-side of the other part. The gift is a circular biscuit tin. We used the patterned part to wrap around the tin and we cut the blank portion at the top into strips. These strips are then folded outward to reveal the patterns of the wrapping paper.

And Voila! We get a pretty flower looped topper from the same wrapping paper.



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