Deck Your Gift with a “With Love” Sunflower Gift Tag

With Love Sunflower Gift Tag

With Love Sunflower Gift Tag

We are in the Christmas mood and drenched with ideas on how to make gifting an unforgettable experience. Introducing the latest addition to our range of gift tags … the With Love Sunflower gift tag. This is the first ever gift tag in our “With Love” series that we hope to develop.

In the simplest and quickest way, we can attach a warm personal touch to all our gifts. A gift without a gift tag is silent with its message. But a gift with an accompanying gift tag is the perfect way to also convey our thoughts and sentiments.

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Saying “With Love” means that we send our hearts and deepest sincerity with the gift. The gift stands for more than a mere token. It helps us to express the words that we struggle to speak, it removes the awkwardness of emotions and most importantly, it starts a conversation.

The sunflower depicts openness and friendship. A lone sunflower, on the other hand, assures privacy and solitude in moments that seek them. It also portrays solidarity and genuineness. We used the signature colours of Gift Elements for this gift tag, dusky green, bright yellow and sand.

This gift tag measures 5 x 5cm (2″ by 2″). It’s small enough not to dominate the gift or get in the way of its embellishments. In fact, this size makes it easy to blend the gift tag with the decorations. If you don’t feel like including a greeting card with your gift, adding this gift tag is a great alternative.



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