[Video] Loops-In-A-Row Bow to Decorate Gifts for Guys

We realised we haven’t taken a break from blogging, photo shoots and video recordings. It has been an exciting 2017 and we are looking forward to an eventful 2018. With inquiries already beginning to pour in for gift wrapping, we know that there is little room for a break now.

Instead of taking a complete hiatus, we thought it might be a good idea to slow down but still remain active and visible. So we made a quick and cute video on how to make a smart-looking bow called the Loops-In-A-Row bow. It is the perfect bow to decorate gifts for guys because it does make the gifts look quite dapper.

Watch how to make this bow:

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I think the method for making this bow is by far the simplest of all the multi-loop bows we have ever made. Take one end of a ribbon and turn it into a loop. This first loop will be the centre loop of the bow. While holding down the centre loop firmly with one hand, use the other hand to keep turning the ribbon away from itself along its length to make more loops to the right and left of the centre loop.

Keep holding all the layers at the centre loop. When you have made enough loops, secure all the layers with a stapler at the centre loop. Cut off the ribbon as near to the centre as possible. Place some double-sided tape or glue below the bow and stick it to a gift.

In this video, we used our Organza-Satin Electric Blue Ribbon (38 mm width).



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