[Video] No Sweat Method to Elegantly Wrap Circular Gifts

When it comes to wrapping a congratulatory gift fit for a wedding, the first gift wrapping paper that comes to mind is our Golden Garden gift wrapping paper. Well, the gift isn’t the tin of Danish cookies we’ve shown in the video below. But it was a circular shaped item and we used the biscuit tin just to show how we elegantly wrap circular gifts.

Golden Garden Gift Wrapping Paper

Watch this technique to wrap circular gifts.

The wrapping paper was wrapped all around the side of the cookie tin. The paper edges were secured with double-sided adhesive tape along the height of the tin. We left the edges at the top and bottom of the tin untaped. The top and bottom edges of the wrapping paper should be long enough to reach the middle of the tin. Then, simply massage the wrapping paper along the circular edge of the tin. At the same time, push down the wrapping paper onto the tin and crease gently to make elegant folds. This was repeated all around the tin and on both sides. We decorated the gift with a simple and cute loop bow made of a platinum-gold coloured ribbon attached to a heart embellishment made of glitter foam sheet.

Tadaaaa!! We’re so in love with this wedding gift …



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