Master the Tricks of Wrapping with Floral Gift Wrapping Paper

Floral Gift Wrapping PaperFloral gift wrapping paper can be tricky to work with especially when it comes to adding embellishments. At times, these wrapping papers come in a riot of colours you might find yourself in a muddle as to which ribbon colour to pair the paper with. This bright floral gift wrapping paper we got from Daiso is one such example. Obviously, the wrapping paper would work very well on its own. But we want to put ourselves to the challenge of decorating it. This requires some studying and close scrutiny of the wrapping paper on our part. Firstly, the bright colours and full coverage patterns risks dominating any embellishment. It is easy to fall into the mistake of selecting embellishments that are even brighter with more blink. Remember that decorations should never outshine the wrapping paper. Decorations should work harmoniously with the wrapping paper and help to enhance it.

Floral Gift Wrapping PaperSo here is how we went about doing it: 

  1. We selected a plain tissue paper in soft purple that matches well with the almost fluorescent green on the wrapping paper. 
  2. Then, we added elevation by creating a poofy pom-pom with the purple tissue.
  3. Lastly, we placed the pom-pom on the top of the gift.

And the effect of that is:

  1. The soft purple brings some colour balance to the brightness and fluorescence of the wrapping paper
  2. The pom-pom created elevation and volume that bring some balance to the flurry of floral patterns on the wrapping paper.

The overall effect is a toned-down gift wrapping paper but that appears even prettier than before. The pom-pom goes well with the floral theme and adds a rustic feel to the glossy modern paper material. The soft purple tissue adds lightness to the harsh graphics on the wrapping paper. It is indeed Spring time on a gift (alas, there is only one season in Singapore i.e. Summer). But we’ve been where there is Spring and we’ve always enjoyed the season (if it isn’t too wet). And we hope you enjoy our take on it with this creation.



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