[Video] Eid Mubarak Festive Gift Basket for Your Muslim Friends

Muslims all over the world are now observing  the 30-day fast in the month of Ramadhan. The fasting month ends with festivities on the holiday of Eid-ul-Fitr or the Day of Celebrations (expected to fall on 26th June 2017 in Singapore). If you are joining in the feasting with your Muslim friends or colleagues, you may want to send  them your best wishes in the form of gifts. Here, in Singapore, it is quite common to give celebratory gift baskets or food hampers.

Bright Gift Basket

One important thing to note when preparing food hampers for Muslims is to ensure that the goodies are halal. This means food prepared in a way prescribed by Muslim laws, especially if it includes meat. If you are really worried about getting this wrong, well not to worry. There are a handful companies specialising in making gift baskets for Eid. The shortfall is the selection is quite limited and there is lack of uniqueness i.e. we are seeing the same things and styles year in and year out.

If what’s in the market is driving you to boredom, why not prepare your own gift basket. Here are some tips on how you can prepare your own gift basket and fill it with halal foods or foods acceptable for Muslim consumption.

Watch this video on how we prepare a gift basket for Eid:

Step 1:
Get a green gift basket because green is associated with Paradise for the Muslims

Green Gift Basket

Step 2:
Layer the bottom of the basket with tissue paper. We have used bright yellow tissue because yellow denotes royalty for Muslims in South East Asia (including Singapore).

Bright Yellow Tissue Paper

Step 3: Add packing material and paper shreds

Gift packing material Gift Packing Material

Step 4: This is optional. Decorate each item. We used patterned napkins from Ikea to partially wrap the items in fan-shaped styles for a bit flair.

Ikea patterned paper napkin Gift Decoration with Paper Napkin

Step 5: Arrange the items on the basket and finish off with a patterned transparent cellophane wrapper.

Gifts in Bright Gift Basket

Step 6: Decorate with a pretty bright bow that really stands out festively.

Bright ribbon bow


Fruit teas such as the Twinings Mango and Lychee green tea would be a refreshing accompaniment to the spicy food and sweets usually served at Eid. It is the perfect thirst-quencher to end the fasting month and a healthy alternative to carbonates colas.

Soothing hand wash soap

We recommend the Pink Chiffon hand wash by Bath and Body Works. Eating with hands is going to happen a lot on Eid. Your friend will definitely appreciate an adequate supply of hand wash soap.

Pretty patterned napkins

Ikea has just released some gorgeous paper napkins in various patters. Include a pack in your gift basket. It’s going to be handy at any party.


Everyone loves chocolates. We suggest giving a chocolate sauce as the perfect condiment for cakes and cookies. But please make sure that they do not contain alcohol-based products e.g. liquer, sherry, wine, brandy, whisky, etc. Other than that, throw in some chocolate sticks simply because the more munchies the merrier.


Remind your friend to light a candle or two when the guests have left and it’s time to chill. We think it would be a great way to unwind with a couple of fragrant Yankee candles.



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