[Steps] How to Make Your Own Bereavement Gift Basket

Gift Basket WrappingWe recently finished a project order to a make bereavement gift basket for those who were coping with the lost of their loved ones. Yes, gift basket making is part of our gift wrapping services. Our patron had pre-selected and purchased the gifts and we were commissioned to package them in a gift basket. We are going to describe what each individual gift signifies a bit later on in this post (so keep reading) and how you could also consider them if you are creating a bereavement gift basket yourself. Most importantly, the gift basket should not look festive or celebratory as gift baskets usually do. So we thought that the gift basket should look sombre but not sad. It needs to have some uplifting and consoling elements as well.

Step 1:
We started off with a dark-coloured and understated weaved basket that is small enough to fit a few gifts.

Gift Basket Wrapping

Step 2:
We lined the base and walls of the basket with our Golden Garden Gift Wrapping Paper. Our client particularly liked the effect of the golden sheen because it represents light and energy.

Gift Basket Wrapping

Step 3:
Crumple some packing paper and lay them at the bottom of the box. They add height to the gifts and prevent them from moving around.

Gift Basket Wrapping

Step 4:
Add some paper shreds to cover up the packing paper. Paper shreds add extra support to ensure that the gifts are well-nestled in the basket. They also look great as gap-fillers in between the gifts.

Gift Basket Wrapping

Step 5:
Arrange your gifts in the basket. We used some sticky tape in between the gifts so they are held fast to each other.

Gift Basket Wrapping

Step 6:
We added lavender potpourri to fill up any remaining gaps. Nothing can be more assuring than to be swashed by whiffs of calming lavender when the gift basket opens.

Gift Basket Wrapping

Step 7:
Cover the basket and the gifts completely with transparent cellophane.

Gift Basket Wrapping

Step 8:
We decorated the gift basket with a four-loop bow handmade from our 38mm wide Satin Dark Brown Ribbon. The centre of the bow is reinforced with a narrow satin gold ribbon to break the gloom.

Gift Basket Wrapping

What Gifts to Include in A Bereavement Gift Basket

Green Tea

Green tea contains L-theanine, which is a unique amino acid that helps to prevent anxiety. L-theanine is a potent mind relaxant that does not cause drowsiness. It will not make you upbeat immediately, but it may help to disentangle us from emotionally-demanding situations. Get some green tea teabags or a green tea moisturiser that is available at The Body Shop.

Camomile Tea

Yes, yet another herbal tea because you can never go wrong with it. Camomile tea is particularly known for its calming effect. In times of emotional stress, it helps to maintain general health and prevents any physical manifestation of distress, such as inflammation, digestive problems and migraines.


Chocolate is perennially suitable for any occasion in good times and sad times. Dark chocolate can especially help to lower blood pressure and to normalise brain functions.

Beauty Masks

Beauty masks include face, hand or foot masks that have never failed to help us relax and drain all the negative energy from our bodies. So make sure you have these in your bereavement gift basket as well.

Photo Frame

Memories never die and happiness can be found by reminiscing on joyous moments with loved ones. A photo frame is a great way to display photographs that immortalised these moments and it reminds us that our loved ones will always remain our hearts.



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