[Video & Template] Two-In-One Gift Decoration Pretty Bow and Sentiment Tag

star gift bow and sentiment tag

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we hope you’ve already got something special for Dad. These days we are surrounded by so many new-fangled, interesting gizmos, there is no excuse for not getting one as a gift. I mean check out this solar-powered cooker called the SolSource Solar Cooker. It’s so cool I am tempted to get one for myself because we’ve got an abundant of bright sunlight all year long in Singapore and we love our barbecues. Plus I love the fact that it is foldable and fits into a knapsack so you can have a cook-off anywhere.

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Anyway, whatever gift you decide to get make sure that the gift wrapping is no less special. You know how men and also our Dads love combo products like the Swiss Army Pocket Knife or a multi-tool set. So this time, we want to show you how to make this TWO-IN-ONE gift decoration consisting of a pretty bow and a sentiment tag. It looks great as a topper on any gift.

Watch this video on how we made this gift topper:

Basically, we made a one-layer star bow using sheer ribbon and placed a circular sentiment tag in the middle. Why is it called a star bow? This is because it is made using a template that looks like star. We used a 6-point star template to create a bow with 6 loops. If you want to create this template on your own, it measures 5 inches tip-to-tip along the longer vertex and 2.5 inches tip-to-tip along the shorter intersecting axes (see the drawing below). It’s best to cut out the template on a piece of stiff cardstock.

Or you can simply download the template we’ve created for you below and it’s your forever!

Download This Template

Star bow template 6 points_dim



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