You Too Can Turn Gift Wrapping Scraps Into Something Gorgeous

Light green wrapping paper with silver snail loopsIt has been raining quite a bit in Singapore, a welcome relief from the searing and suffocating tropical heat. The air is deliciously cool and the rain keeps us indoors more often than usual. We are brimming with gift wrapping ideas. The time is especially ripe for us to scrounge around for scraps of gift wrapping sheets to create something with them. We found this light green wrapping paper with textured stripes that we purchased from a stationary store called Evergreen located at the Galaxis One-North here in Singapore. We got inspired but the crisp fresh rain-cleansed air outside to use some silver trimmings, which we also found thankfully, to decorate it. Why silver with light green? The answer is they remind us of gleaming raindrops on young shoots of leaves just starting to unfold.

The wrapping technique is basic with the flap and wing closure at the two ends. We used a cube box with equal dimensions on all sides. The wrapping paper should measure as long as all the four sides of the cube. Always add about 2 inches to allow for the edges to overlap when securing them with sticky double-sided tape. That will leave us with the two ends of the wrapping paper at the top and bottom of the cube box. Each end should measure exactly equal to the top or bottom widths of the box. This means when you fold one end over the box, its edge should reach all the way to the opposite side of the box. This way the flap and wing folds will meet at the center of the top or bottom of the box to give an overall symmetrical look.

Light green wrapping paper with silvery snail loopsFor the decoration, we wanted to create whimsical twirls and loops with the silver trimmings. We somehow managed to make two silvery snails from the loops, maybe because there are always so many snails when it rains (the butterflies and bees are not in sight). So we decided that the usually overlooked and humble snails will get the privilege to be a gift topper this time. We placed the twirly snails on the closure side of the gift wrapped box to show off the symmetry.

We love the simplicity of this gift wrapping style. Creating the snails was the most difficult part of the project and did require some couture-like detail. It’s amazing what can be done with what started off as leftover gift wrapping scraps. By the way, you can see that they’re snails, right …..?



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