Three Ways To Do Stylish Gift Wrapping Using Brown Paper

Gift wrapping using brown paper is becoming a rarity these days. We would normally associate brown polywax paper with wrappers for fish-n-chips or sandwiches. For me, brown paper reminds me of parcels tied with postal string delivered from the post office in the old days. It still has that retro nostalgic effect on me.

The gift wrapping artist in us wanted to combine the humble brown paper with modern wrapper designs to give it a more stylish flavour. We created three styles to demonstrate the versatility of the brown paper to present both classical and contemporary moods.

For the Gentleman

Adding triangular flaps using our leopard print wrapping paper gave the brown paper quite a dapper look with a dash of playfulness. With the gold-trimmed satin ribbon, the gift wrapping style reminds me of a gentleman in a leopard print house coat smoking a cigar in a large room full of hunting trophies.

If those triangular flaps are too cryptic to fold, wrap the item with brown paper first. And then stick on a strip of the leopard print wrapping paper separately as a decoration.
Gift Wrapping Brown Paper

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For the Young and Adventurous

Who says brown paper should only go with earthy tones? A bright blue tissue paper flourish breathes eye-catching vibrance and unrestrained modernity to the otherwise introverted brown paper. Try this style with bright pinks, yellows, reds, orange and greens.
Gift Wrapping Brown Paper

For the Quiet Feminine

Brown paper does not have to look all rough and rugged. We lifted its sweet and feminine nature by creating a bag lid made of pink floral paper secured with a platinum satin ribbon. Its the perfect accompaniment to a tea party or baby shower.
Gift Wrapping Brown Paper



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