[Steps] Halloween Party Pack with 3D Spider and Creepy Gravestone

Halloween projects are always super-duper fun! As kids, creeping people out is always something we would gleefully do from jump-scaring to gifting “real-life” dead lizards. We seldom go door-to-door trick-or-treating in Singapore but we sure do have Halloween parties.

The fun thing about spooking someone out is the challenge of creating or doing something that is really scary. We knew some people who were really spook-resistant who would only spare a look of annoyance at our tricks.

There are additional challenges when creating a Halloween party pack i.e. they have to be both cute and creepy. Okay, these are two things that are completely at the opposite ends of the scary spectrum. But it’s our job to unite them and make sure they work within one theme.

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So we start with the primary colours for Halloween i.e. black, bright orange and deep purple. A spider with long, thick, black, hairy legs always gives me goose bumps, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same for most people. To make the spider cute, we created its body from purple tissue paper flower or a yarn pom-pom.

And then things get pretty easy from this point if you let your imagination run really wild like seeing spiders crawling up an unmarked, old gravestone in the eerie moonlight. For our party pack, the moonlit gravestone handle is crafted from orange cardstock imprinted with the characteristic spider web.

Attach the spider and a cut-out bat onto the gravestone handle, and they are now ready to be assembled with the goody bag.

Halloween Good Bag Step 1

Place the goodies into a long plastic bag with an adhesive seal.

Halloween Good Bag Step 2

When sealing the goody bag, leave some space above to attach the handle.

Halloween Good Bag Step 3

Attach the handle firmly in place with staples.

Halloween Good Bag Step 4

Halloween Good Bag Step 5

The final result is indeed cute and creepy at the same time. Happy Halloween!!

Halloween Good Bag Step 6



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