Make an Appearance on a Hot Air Balloon on Your Wedding Day

Journey Thank You Sticker (Set of 25 pcs) JOU-TAG-1-Journey

The Journey Thank You wedding sticker and tag are recent additions we made to our collection. We started a line of wedding stickers and tags that can be personalised and used to decorate wedding favors. We do our own product design and you can find them all on our online shop. The artwork ranges from romantic to adorable, and curated to match with different themes.

If you are making a dramatic appearance on a hot air balloon on your wedding day, you may want matching stickers or tags to embellish the wedding favors. The Journey Thank You sticker or tag would be the perfect accompaniment. It depicts a bride and groom sailing off into the sparkling blue sky on a hot air balloon in the shape of a big red heart.

More about stickers and tags:

You have the option to choose from 5 different shapes for the sticker. At this moment, we only have the rectangular shape for the tag. The “Thank You” sentiment comes with the design, but the names of the bride and groom can be personalised along with the wedding date.

Journey Thank You Sticker (Set of 25 pcs) JOU-STI-1-circle JOU-STI-1-scallop JOU-STI-1-square-scallop JOU-STI-1-square



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