[Video] How To Hack-Wrap Odd-Shaped Circular Gifts

How to Wrap Circular Cylinder Gifts

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When it comes to wrapping circular or cylindrical gifts, the experience can be a frustrating one. Sometimes we wish these gifts would come in perfect, easy-to-wrap square boxes.

We have previously written an article on “How To Wrap Odd-Shaped Circular Gifts“. It was a gift wrapping hack for circular gifts that was presented in 11 steps.

Our YouTube Videos on circular gift wrapping are so well-received, we feel motivated to produce more videos for this series. If our viewers can’t get enough of circular gift wrapping, we will never stop making refresher videos.

We are proud to say that we created this circular pleating hack ourselves. The pleats are first created by rolling the paper up and then flattening it to create evenly spaced folds. Use the folds as guides to press down against and all around the circular gift.

Watch how we do it:

More on circular gift wrapping:

We have republished the photo steps too:

Step 1:

Measure out the amount of wrapping paper you need. The length of the paper should wrap all the way around the side of the container. Allow about half an inch more where the ends of the paper will overlap and secured with an adhesive.

Circular object

The width of the wrapping paper should cover halfway up the top and bottom of the container.

Circular object

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Step 2:

Divide the wrapping paper into 3 sections (top, middle and bottom) by making 2 fold lines. The middle section should be the same size as the height of the container.

Circular object

Step 3:

Roll up the wrapping paper along its length. The roll should be about 1 inch wide approximately.

Circular object

Step 4:

Flatten and crease the roll at the top and bottom sections only. Do not do this to the middle section.

Circular object

Step 5:

Unroll the wrapping paper and pinch at the crease lines to sharpen the folds.

Circular object

Step 6:

Wrap the container and ensure that its side is positioned exactly at the middle section of the wrapping paper. Secure the ends with double-sided adhesive tape.

Circular object

Step 7:

Locate the crease lines and folds made earlier.

Circular object

Step 8:

Grip the folds with your fingers and push down the top flap at the same time.

Circular object

Step 9:

Flatten the folds to one direction all the way around the flap.

Circular object

Step 10:

Tuck the last fold beneath the one next to it.

Circular object

Step 11:

Secure the folds in place with a sticky tag or embellishment. Repeat from Step 7 to close the bottom flap.

Circular object

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