Giftwrapped by Jane Means

Jane Means Giftwrapping Book
As providers of gift wrapping services, we have role models whom we aspire to be. We also read lots and lots of gift wrapping books and watch countless videos to obtain inspiration. And in the same spirit, we share our work for all to see. We have stood in bookstores for hours flipping through countless gift wrapping manuals. But the one that tops the list is the book “Giftwrapped” by Jane Means. We met Jane at one of the gift wrapping masterclasses she regularly conducts in Singapore and bought our autographed copy directly from her. Giftwrapped is a tell-all compendium of gift wrapping ideas for both novices and afficionados. Even if you are a seasoned expert in the gift wrapping world, this book will surely spring a couple of new tricks for you to try out. There are 6 chapters beginning with an introduction to gift wrapping materials, some of which you would never think of using for gift wrapping e.g. tablecloths! For us, we simply devoured the suggestions on embellishments ranging from buttons, charms and garlands to jewellery. Jane taught us how to use dried pine cones as a gift topper in her masterclass. The book also suggests using sticks of barley or cinnamon to get the rustic look (yes we will!!).

Jane Means Giftwrapping BookAmazon

Creating Moodboards

Deciding which embellishment to go with the right gift wrapping material requires a keen eye for colour and style. As gift wrapping artists, we also want our work to evoke particular emotions. This takes a lot of experience and passion, or you could create a moodboard. Jane travels widely and draws inspirations from her surroundings from which she creates a collage of materials and fabrics in various combinations of textures and colours. We think this is a wonderful way to build up gift wrapping ideas and to create different styles.

Gift wrapping techniques and styles

The ensuing pages are rich with information and photographs on gift wrapping styles ranging from vintage to glamour. There are step-by-step instructions on how to wrap simple boxes, round shapes, bottles and irregular-shaped gifts. Learn how to make gift bags, gift baskets, tie ribbons, twirl sassy bows, line boxes with wrapping tissue, and make Japanese pleats. Jane gave us the technical foundations that enabled us to create and add our own twist to these gift wrapping techniques.

At the end of book, Jane leaves us with a generous list of stockists where you can get the very same supplies as she has used and suggested. We have referred to Giftwrapped more times than the number of fingers on our two hands and we still can’t get enough of it.

Jane Means Giftwrapping BookAmazon

This is a book that has been compiled with care and from the heart specially for the people you love who will receive your gifts. It is a potent reference when all ideas have escaped you. Giftwrapped is your bible, book of spells, dictionary, manual and guideline for gift wrapping. A must-have in the library of every gift wrapping artist.



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