[Video] Japanese Fanned-Out Pleats for an Expensive-Looking Gift Wrapping Style This Christmas

Christmas day is around the corner and we have seen some very stylish Christmas trees worthy of designer status. There is no better way to complete the picture than by having stylishly wrapped gifts around the tree. In an earlier blog, we did mention that we created gift wrapping styles for a few international brands, one of them being Elie Saab.

So this time, we thought it would be great to do a video of how we created the Japanese fanned-out pleats and layered look for the Elie Saab fragrance set. There is time to demonstrate only the Elie Saab wrapping. We have been so busy lately time seems to march really fast towards Christmas. We wish we could do more Christmas gift wrapping videos.

Watch how we wrap the Elie Saab fragrance set:

More Japanese pleats gift wrapping:

Japanese Fanned-Out Pleats for Christmas

We used a wax-coated florist paper with gold and white stripes as the main outer wrapper. A panel cut out from our Golden Garden gold-stamped wrapping paper was laid underneath the fanned-out pleats. This immediately creates a contrast and the fanned-out pleats become more prominent.

Even though we wanted to create layers of contrast, we stuck to the gold and white theme, down to the sheer white ribbon with gold trimmings along its edges. A glitter silver snowflake gave a glamorous finishing touch to the style. This snowflake is actually a Christmas tree decoration but we think it makes the perfect embellishment for a Christmas gift wrapping.

Wishing you a very Merry and Warm Christmas 😀



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