[Update] Oriental Asian Gift Wrapping Papers with Gold-Foil Printing

Our oriental Asian gift wrapping papers are one of the top sellers on Amazon.com. They can be purchased separately or in a trio. These are gold-stamped gift wrapping papers that are part of our deluxe series. This means the paper printing process uses gold foil to define some of the patterns. These wrapping papers are slightly pricier than everyday wrappers, but for very good reasons. The kraft-like paper they are made from feels lusciously heavier but strong. The gold-foil patterns add a touch of brilliance. They make any gift look expensive and simply magnificent.

Sakura Shower Gift Wrapping Paper

Sakura Shower Gift Wrapping Paper We call this wrapping paper the Sakura Shower because its design of cascading cherry blossoms is elementally Japanese. The colour red represents good luck in the oriental Asian culture. So this would be a great wrapping paper to use for weddings and any other festive celebrations. The wrapping paper matches very well with a gold satin, red organza or black sheer ribbon. Make fanned-out Japanese pleats for a touch of Kabuki-esque drama.

Watch this video for an idea of how to wrap with this paper:

Golden Garden Wrapping Paper

Golden Garden Gift Wrapping Paper We have named this gift wrapping paper Golden Garden because it looks like a flower garden drenched in gold. They make beautiful gift bags for formal dinner parties or as wedding favours. It is romantic in royal proportions because the patterns look so sumptuous. This wrapping paper works well with platinum satin, sapphire blue and brown satin ribbons. Use glitter paper or rhinestones as decorations to glam up any gift.

Watch this video for an idea of how to wrap with this paper:

Oriental Surprise Gift Wrapping Paper

Oriental Surprise Gift Wrapping Paper Our Oriental Surprise gift wrapping paper is delightfully celebratory. The loud gold and red colours represent good luck and fortune. The chinese character on it has a congratulatory meaning. A must-use wrapping paper for a chinese wedding gift to wish the bride and groom many happy returns. Embellish the paper with a red organza or gold satin ribbon. Add golden tassels to enhance the oriental style.

Watch this video for an idea of how to wrap with this paper:



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