[Video] Super Fast and Chic-Looking Gift Bag Using Polka Dot Gift Wrapping Paper

Gift Bag with Polka Dot Gift Wrapping Paper

Do you sometimes wonder how to wrap gifts with a polka dot gift wrapping paper? You might have found yourself steering clear of polka dot patterns especially when they are covered with clashing bright colours. Or perhaps you reserve such wrappers only for kids because these sheets do look fun and vibrant. I would do the same.

In fact, our video this time (view it below) does suggest using the polka dot wrapping paper to make a gift bag for children’s parties or baby showers. On the other hand, we chose to use a black grosgrain ribbon with white stitching to tame the polka dot colours without losing any of their vibrance.

The more sombre black ribbon sort off helps to balance out the colours. In fact, the polka dot gift bag does have a touch of posh and elegance now. We think that this is such a stylish gift wrapping combination for both children and grown-ups. The silvery foil printed dots on the wrapping paper add a touch of glamour. If black does not work for you, it can be replaced with any other neutral solid colours such as dark greys or dark browns.

Avoid light pastel-coloured ribbons because pastels will drown and pale amongst the polka dot colours.

Watch this video on how to create and decorate a gift bag with a polka dot gift wrapping paper:



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