Potted Plant Gift Wrapping as Favours and Decor

To commemorate World Population Day this 11th July, we present a potted plant gift wrapping idea to represent hope and success to the entire world. World Population Day was declared to bring our attention to the pressing issues faced by the world’s population. This includes matters that directly affect people such as education, the environment and development. We observe this special day with a ruby ball cactus that symbolises strength and resilience.

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Wrap Potted Plants

The pot and plant are quite small, fits in the palm of my hand and measures not more than 5.5 inches in height. It’s perfect as a wedding favour, home decor or a table centerpiece. The red bulb bulging at the top of the cactus stem is really cute and eye-catching.

We simply used a square piece of gift wrapping paper measuring 8.5 by 8.5 inches. The pot is placed at the centre of the wrapping paper. All sides of the paper are then lifted up and creased against the side of the pot. The soft yellow gift wrapping paper is decorated with a sheer baby blue ribbon. The outcome was pure delight. We stuck a piece of leaf at the bow for more contrast and a rustic feel to the style.



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