[Video] Gift Wrapping with Radiating Japanese Pleats and Batik Wrapping Paper

It’s been some time since we last featured our Flowers & Butterflies Batik gift wrapping paper. Batik patterns are so rarely printed on gift wrapping paper and we simply adore batik. In fact, we treasure any wrapping sheet that depicts motifs unique to Asia, especially South-East Asia.

Flowers Butterflies Batik Gift Wrapping Paper

Flowers & Butterflies Batik Gift Wrapping Paper

Batik in particular is a design that is ubiquitous to South-East Asia. So it is aptly symbolic of the multi-cultural society here in Singapore. And we want to commemorate our upcoming National Day on 9th August, with this gorgeous gift wrapping style using the batik wrapping sheet.

We added the radiating Japanese pleats to represent the fanned out pleats of a batik sarong.

Watch how we do it here:

The last time we used this wrapping sheet, it was decorated with a sheer lilac ribbon to give it a dreamy and delicate look. This time we used a red ribbon, mainly because red is one of the colours of our national flag representing brotherhood and equality of man.

We were also delighted that the ribbon colour was a superb match. We love the bolder style, yet still sweet as candy. The orchid that embellished the gift to one side is as close as we could come to the Vanda Miss Joaquim, our national flower.

Radiating Japanese Pleats

Still, we think that the result is an appropriate portrayal of Singapore i.e. inherently multi-cultural, proudly Asian, devoted to racial equality, economically strong and full of beauty.

Happy National Day!!



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