[Video & Template] Scan-N-Cut Pattern for Bracelet Gift Box

Template available for download below.

We were inspired to create this Scan-N-Cut pattern for a bracelet gift box because it can be frustrating when shops do not provide a box with the jewellery they sell. At least in Singapore, costume jewellery are usually packed in a drawstring pouch.

Gift wrapping small jewellery usually means we are left on our own to search for a mini box snug enough to fit the trinket and perhaps some packing tissue to hold it in place.So we lost no time in diving into the Scan-N-Cut Canvas Workspace to design a cutting pattern for a bracelet gift box.

It is a one-piece layout that folds into a box measuring 3″W x 4″L x 3/4″H with slots to hold one bracelet. With the bracelet secured by the slots, you won’t have to worry about it jiggling around in the box and getting all entangled or damaged.

Scan-N-Cut Bracelet Gift Box

Scan-N-Cut Bracelet Gift Box

Watch how we make this gift box:

The pattern fits within a 12″ by 12″ cardstock. We do suggest using cardstock of at least 200gsm so you get a sturdy enough gift box. Choose cardstock that preferably has a laminate coating (not matt) to protect the gift box from tearing and creasing.

In the video, we used a Core’dinations 12″ x 12″ cardstock with textured small dots in light green. The gift box is finished off with a similarly patterned apple green grosgrain ribbon with white dots. If the bare-minimum-look is not your thing, then you can always package it up with a pretty gift wrapping paper and embellish.

This is definitely going to be an addition to our gift wrapping services.

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Scan-N-Cut Bracelet Gift Box



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