[Template] Scan-N-Cut Pattern Decanter Style Favour Box for Yankee Candles

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A gift box that looks like a bottle is probably the next most innovative box crafting idea after the handbag box. We must attribute this to Linda Parker, the progenitor of its design and expert box pattern creator. [thrive_2step id=’3355′]Get These Free Box Pattern in SVG and JPG Files For The Decanter Box![/thrive_2step]

We are still in the middle of experimenting with our new Brother Scan-N-Cut machine to test its capabilities and explore creative possibilities. It wasn’t too long before a couple of Yankee Candles became our test subjects.

We wasted no time in putting ourselves up (and the ScanNCut) to a challenge of making a favour box for Yankee Candles with a complex-enough design. The first design that came to mind was a Scan-N-Cut decanter favour box created by Linda Parker, a Stampin’ Up demonstrator from the United Kingdom.

She constructed the box using the Stampin’ Up envelope punch board (watch her YouTube video below). We were curious whether the decanter favour box can be reproduced using the ScanNCut. Lo and Behold! Yes, it can! Now we are really, really impressed.

Decanter Style Self-Closing Box by Linda Parker

We designed the decanter favour box with interlocking bottom flaps, which can be designed on the ScanNCut Canvas software. In fact, we are pleased with the precise dimensions with which box templates can be created. To make the neck of the bottle, we cut out diamond shapes near the top of the box and along the vertical fold lines.

In fact, download the actual-size template below and give it a try yourself. You can construct the box even if you do not have a ScanNCut machine. The good, ol’ pair of scissors will do the job just fine 🙂

[thrive_2step id=’3355′]Download This Template[/thrive_2step]

[thrive_2step id=’3355′]Decanter Favour Box Template[/thrive_2step]



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  1. So pleased you used my little Decanter Box as inspiration for your Yankee Candle project – very nice job 🙂

  2. Great idea, I waiting to have a workshop or two with Linda in the UK, do you have any more from LINDA as I really would like to make a gift box with draw?



    • Hi J,

      This is Nealda. Thanks for writing. I hope you had a great weekend.

      We are a great fan of Linda too. However, we try not to follow designs from other crafters too often. If we do, we will appropriately leave credits to them. We are now in the midst of creating our own box designs. You will be able to find the SVG files on our website and use them with your cutting machine. At this moment, we are working on the platform from which you can easily create an account and download the files. In the meantime, we will include you in our mailing list so that you will receive updates from us about this.

      Take care and keep in touch 😀

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