[Video & Template] Scan-N-Cut Pattern for Cut-Out Sentiment Favor Gift Box

Imagine a gift box that has its own sentiment pop-up. A greeting card, gift tag and gift box all in one. Coming up with the idea was fun but creating the actual patterns on the Scan-N-Cut software was even more pleasurable. We started the design with a simple square-based box with a raised front side where we could place the “You Are A Star” cut-out sentiment.

There are 2 files created for this gift box design. One being the main box pattern itself and the other containing the panels and cut-out sentiment to decorate the gift box. We made an interlocking bottom so the flaps can be secured without glue.

Interlocking Bottom Favor Gift Box

The main box pattern is small enough to fit within an A4/letter-sized cardstock. So if you do not have a cutting machine, simple print out the patterns using the ordinary office colour printer. The patterns can be easily carved out using a pair of the humble scissors and a craft-knife. Fold the box where you see the dashed lines.

Watch how we make this box:

More box patterns:

We used a blank coloured cardstock for the main box pattern and a contrasting patterned paper for the panels and cut-out sentiment. So you can use any type of cardstock and colour matches to suit the occasion or a personality.


YOA-STA-INT-1 You Are A Star Favor Gift Box YOA-STA-PAN-1 You Are A Star Panels

If you have a cutting equipment like the Brother Scan-N-Cut, we have an SVG file pattern of this box for you to download here.



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