[Video] Discover this New Way to Make a Stylish Gift Bag

Stylish Gift BagWe created this stylish gift bag with a front pocket from one continuous piece of our retro label gift wrapping paper. The front pocket is great for placing flowers or greeting cards. A dramatic large florist bow made of organza-satin sheer ribbon in cold wine decorates one side of the gift bag. The style is a throwback to the pre-WWII golden era of the 1930s to 1940s reminiscent of Shanghai and Singapore in that period. We named the double-sided wrapping paper by Moof, Retro Labels, because it depicts old Asian product and service labels from yesteryears. The label names have been changed but they can be associated with actual goods of that time, and some of which still exist today. The underside of the wrapping paper is plain dusky mustard brown, which sets the perfect romantic tone for times long gone but remain etched in our memories. It makes for a beautiful accompaniment to your Mother’s Day gift for your mom or grandma who had lived in that era.

Watch how me made it:

Here are the gift bag dimensions:

  • 7 inches wide on the front and back.
  • 3 inches wide on the sides and bottom.
  • 9.5 inches in height.
  • Front pocket is 5 inches wide at the bottom.
  • The top of the front pocket has a slant measuring 5 inches on the short side and 6.5 inches on the long side.

If you are putting together a hamper, this is a good size for holding a few small gifts such as luxury cosmetics, aromatherapy candles, designer teas or coffees and don’t forget the gourmet chocolates. We would use matching wrapping papers for all the gifts so that the hamper looks coordinated.

Stylish Gift BagNext, we created the front pocket by devising our own gift bag folding technique that is different from the conventional origami method. It does require some degree of measuring with the ruler because this is a bespoke gift bag. We wanted to ensure good fit without compromising on features and elegance. The top of the pocket is slanted to allow greeting cards to peek out a little.

Stylish Gift Bag HandlesThe handles were handcrafted from strips of kraft paper that we crunched and twisted. Each handle is bent to create the half-loop with the ends sandwiched between two strips of kraft paper that is then glued to the inside top edge of the bag.

Sheer Organza-Satin Ribbon BowThe designer florist bow is made from a lusciously elegant sheer ribbon in cold wine made up of alternating strips of organza and satin. We made a giant one with 20 half-loops (10 full loops) for that added pinup drama of the 1940s.

The result was exactly what we had imagined it to be … old chic brought to life by our Retro Labels gift wrapping paper, ready to make someone happy.



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