[Video] Weaved Party Favour Pack Made From Batik Wrapping Paper

Weaved Party Favour Pack Made From Batik Wrapping Paper
The month of Ramadhan is coming to a close and the feast of Eid falls on Sunday, 26th June 2017, in Singapore (and most of South-East Asia). For Muslims who have been observing the month long fasting, I’m sure you are all now in an anticipatory joyous mood. The festive lights and trimmings are in full swing. Bazaars are thronging with shoppers. The cultural throb here is escalating to dizzying levels. We can’t wait for the party to start!

We made a quick video showing how to make a cute weaved party favour pack from gift wrapping paper and filled it with little bonbons. The weaved casing is inspired by the “ketupat”, which is a Malay rice cake cooked in a casing weaved from the long, slender leaves of coconut fronds. We used our Country Strong Batik Wrapping Paper (19 inches by 27 inches) that has two sides. One side is printed with various batik patterns and the other side is entirely printed with a dusky pink colour.

Watch the video on how we make this party favour pack:

Here are a few simple steps:

Step 1:
From a piece of wrapping paper, cut out 4 strips each measuring 1 inch wide by 27 inches long.

Step1 Ketupat Favour Step1a Ketupat Favour

Step 2:
Glue 2 strips together at one end so that the total length of the entire strip adds up to about 50 inches. Do the same to the remaining 2 strips. You will now have only 2 strips measuring 1 inch wide by 50 inches long.

Step 2 Ketupat Favour

Step 3:
Weave the 2 strips into a “ketupat” casing (watch video).

Step 3 Ketupat Favour

Step 4:
Pop in some bonbons through a weave opening.

Step 4 Ketupat Favour

Step 5:
Secure and tighten the weaves

Step 5 Ketupat Favour Step 5a Ketupat Favour

It may be difficult to follow the exact weaving techniques in the video because it takes a lot of experience and practice. But we hope you would still have fun watching it. Please share the video and this idea to all friends and family around the world.

Wishing you all Eid Mubarak! And May Peace Be Upon You!



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