Romantic Wedding Favour with a Minimalist Bohemian Theme

We have been busy in the past few months designing the entire style and packaging for a wedding favour. The customer specifically asked for a minimalist bohemian look to match the theme of the wedding. The favour design must not only impress the guests. It must also contain gifts that are meaningful and useful.

Most importantly, the favour itself must be a conversation piece amongst other wedding decorations. Now that was a request that could make us wet our pants (but we didn’t). The prospect of designing the gift packaging from scratch sets us off to work with high-spirits.

Wedding favour bohemian theme

We stuck to neutral pastel and earth tones making sure everything is colour coordinated. The grey hand towel matched with the satin grey ribbon. The handmade soaps were carefully selected and procured from Bath & Bloom Singapore.

The outer box packaging is in the colour ivory, which has a hint of yellow to match the main wedding decor at Mamanda Singapore. It’s specifically made-to-measure to fit the contents perfectly. Each box is embellished with a trio of tiny white roses.

Wedding favour bohemian theme

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This completely bespoke wedding favour is priced at SG$7 per box. Yes, we admit the price does demand a more ambitious wedding budget. But the benefit here is you get to stand out from the rest and make a difference.

Wedding Favour Bohemian Theme

What’s interesting here is, there is no shortage of wedding favour suppliers providing interesting and budget-friendly door gifts. Why choose to make bespoke ones? Well the answer is, most wedding favours in the market have very likely been mass manufactured.

The rock bottom price tag is God sent. But what we don’t realise is we are paying a hidden price of having exactly the same favour as at every other wedding. Would a bride wear a wedding dress that has been worn in hundreds of weddings? Probably not.

The same goes for wedding favours. Giving away favours is part of sharing the special occasion with guests. We believe that it is vital to honour guests with gifts that represent our heartfelt intentions. The favours should reflect the uniqueness of the occasion and gratitude of the hosts.

If a completely bespoke wedding favour does not suit the budget, we strongly suggest making a small investment in getting those ready-made favours refurbished and decorated. For example, by adding ribbons, personalised tags, embellishments and gift wrapping.

We can do all that for you!



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