How Saying “Thank You” Can Make You A Wealthier Person
October 29, 2018

How Saying “Thank You” Can Make You A Wealthier Person

Start your collection of “Thank You” tags and stickers. Attach them to your gifts and notes, place them on desks or pop them into bouquets to express your gratitude. Snappier...

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September 7, 2018

5 Functional and Practical Wedding Favors People Will Actually Use

Want to give your wedding favors an instant makeover? Make your wedding favors look really gorgeous with a designer touch. Print and cut out these beautiful favor gift tag designs,...

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ScanNCut SVG File Gift Box Pattern
June 8, 2018

[Video & Template] Scan-N-Cut Pattern for Cut-Out Sentiment Favor Gift Box

Imagine a gift box that has its own sentiment pop-up. A greeting card, gift tag and gift box all in one. Coming up with the idea was fun but creating...

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May 9, 2018

Limited Edition Favor Gift Stickers and Tags

We are pleased to launch our limited edition collection of favor gift tags and stickers. This special collection features designs by professional designers. Each design will only be available in...

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Bottle Gift Wrapping Hack
April 27, 2018

[Video] Bottle Gift Wrapping Quickie Hack

We may all be really familiar with the situation of buying a bottle of wine as a dinner-party gift and completely clueless on how to gift wrap it. Sure these...

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April 20, 2018

Make an Appearance on a Hot Air Balloon on Your Wedding Day

The Journey Thank You wedding sticker and tag are recent additions we made to our collection. We started a line of wedding stickers and tags that can be personalised and...

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With Love scanncut self-assembly gift box
April 15, 2018

[Video & Template] Scan-N-Cut Pattern for Self-Assembly Favor Gift Box with a Modern Look

This is not the first time we have showcased this rectangular Scan-N-Cut self-assembly favor gift box. We designed the box pattern using the Brother Scan-N-Cut, and created stylish wedding favors...

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Personalised Stickers
April 7, 2018

Custom Stickers, Gift Tags and Many More

We are pleased to announce the opening of our brand new online store. It has been a long journey and sometimes, a difficult one. But we managed to hit this...

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Gift Wrapping Brown Paper
March 4, 2018

Three Ways To Do Stylish Gift Wrapping Using Brown Paper

Gift wrapping using brown paper is becoming a rarity these days. We would normally associate brown polywax paper with wrappers for fish-n-chips or sandwiches. For me, brown paper reminds me...

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Scan-N-Cut Bracelet Gift Box
February 18, 2018

[Video & Template] Scan-N-Cut Pattern for Bracelet Gift Box

Template available for download below. We were inspired to create this Scan-N-Cut pattern for a bracelet gift box because it can be frustrating when shops do not provide a box...

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decorate gifts for guys
February 7, 2018

[Video] Loops-In-A-Row Bow to Decorate Gifts for Guys

We realised we haven’t taken a break from blogging, photo shoots and video recordings. It has been an exciting 2017 and we are looking forward to an eventful 2018. With...

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wrap odd-shaped circular gifts
February 5, 2018

[Video] How To Wrap Odd-Shaped Circular Gifts

Here we are again tackling not only a circular-shaped gift but one which is also odd-shaped. Yes, product packagings are getting increasingly innovative, creative and intended to stand out from...

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Personalised “Thank You” Gift Tag for Wedding Favours
January 19, 2018

[Video] Personalised “Thank You” Gift Tag for Wedding Favours

We are pleased to announce the launch of our first custom gift accessory, which is a personalised wedding favour gift tag. It is a “Thank You” gift tag measuring 5cm...

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Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping Hack for Small Jewellery
January 12, 2018

[Video] Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping Hack for Small Jewellery

We are about a month away from Valentine’s Day. To herald in this festival of romance, we have created this hack for gift wrapping small jewellery. A lot of retailers...

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Flower Loop Style for Circular-Shaped Gifts
December 27, 2017

[Video] Flower Looped-Top Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping Style for Cylindrical-Shaped Gifts

Christmas may have left us but the season for giving continues as Valentine’s Day looms in the horizon. It is never too early to let the romanticism ooze out because...

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Japanese Fanned-Out Pleats for Christmas
December 19, 2017

[Video] Japanese Fanned-Out Pleats for an Expensive-Looking Gift Wrapping Style This Christmas

Christmas day is around the corner and we have seen some very stylish Christmas trees worthy of designer status. There is no better way to complete the picture than by...

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Wedding Favour Bohemian Theme
December 10, 2017

Romantic Wedding Favour with a Minimalist Bohemian Theme

We have been busy in the past few months designing the entire style and packaging for a wedding favour. The customer specifically asked for a minimalist bohemian look to match...

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Gift Wrapping Workshop Luxury Brands
November 29, 2017

Christmas Gift Wrapping Workshop for Luxury Brands

This November we had the privilege of conducting a Christmas gift wrapping workshop for luxury brands. We received an invitation from Luxasia Pte Ltd to create gift wrapping styles for...

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Green Pink Gingham Ribbon
November 18, 2017

Christmas Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper and Checked Green and Pink Gingham Ribbon

From this point onwards, we will be featuring lots of tips, tricks and finishing touches to get you ready for Christmas gift wrapping. We have already launched our Christmas gift...

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With Love Sunflower Gift Tag
November 10, 2017

Deck Your Gift with a “With Love” Sunflower Gift Tag

We are in the Christmas mood and drenched with ideas on how to make gifting an unforgettable experience. Introducing the latest addition to our range of gift tags … the...

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SassyMama Halloween 2017
November 3, 2017

Halloween Goodie Bag Giveaway with Sassy Mama

We enjoyed the privilege of an invitation from Sassy Mama SG to showcase our creepy 3D spider goody bag at their Halloween event held on 1st November. Our honoured guests...

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Christmas Gift Tags 2017
October 24, 2017

Christmas Gift Tags – A Must-Have Christmas Essential

Christmas is exactly 2 months away and we are officially entering the end-year festive season. This year we are proud to introduce our first ever series of Christmas gift tags...

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Diwali Deepavali Gift Wrapping
October 17, 2017

[Video] A Gift Wrapping Style Fit for Diwali (Deepavali)

On 18th October 2017, Singapore celebrates Diwali or the Festival of Lights together with our fellow citizens of the Hindu faith. Diwali, aka Deepavali, marks the triumph of good over...

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3D Spider Gravestone Halloween Party Pack
October 5, 2017

[Steps] Halloween Party Pack with 3D Spider and Creepy Gravestone

Halloween projects are always super-duper fun! As kids, creeping people out is always something we would gleefully do from jump-scaring to gifting “real-life” dead lizards. We seldom go door-to-door trick-or-treating...

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Gift Bag with Polka Dot Gift Wrapping Paper
September 27, 2017

[Video] Super Fast and Chic-Looking Gift Bag Using Polka Dot Gift Wrapping Paper

Do you sometimes wonder how to wrap gifts with a polka dot gift wrapping paper? You might have found yourself steering clear of polka dot patterns especially when they are...

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Decanter Favour Box for Yankee Candles
September 22, 2017

[Template] Scan-N-Cut Pattern Decanter Style Favour Box for Yankee Candles

[thrive_2step id=’3355′][/thrive_2step] SVG Box Patterns A gift box that looks like a bottle is probably the next most innovative box crafting idea after the handbag box. We must attribute this...

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ScanNCut Handbag Gift Box
September 12, 2017

[Video] Make a Handbag Gift Box Using the Brother ScanNCut Machine

Recently, we became the proud owner of a Brother ScanNCut paper and fabric cutting machine. We got the CM900 model, which comes with wireless connectivity. This way template files can...

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Free Ribbon Free Shipping
September 5, 2017

[Promotion] Free Ribbons and Free Shipping This September

Free Ribbons Free Shipping … What is this all about?! When September comes we give away our ribbons for FREE and everyone on planet earth gets FREE delivery. Here is...

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Gold-Foil Trio Gift Wrapping Paper
August 29, 2017

[Update] Oriental Asian Gift Wrapping Papers with Gold-Foil Printing

Our oriental Asian gift wrapping papers are one of the top sellers on They can be purchased separately or in a trio. These are gold-stamped gift wrapping papers that...

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Gift Elements Amazon Shop
August 22, 2017

[Update] Our Amazon Shop is Now Open for Gift Wrapping Paper and Accessories!

We are proud to announce the opening of our shop featuring our gift wrapping papers and accessories. We have always been able to deliver internationally via our own online...

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Elegantly wrap circular gifts
August 15, 2017

[Video] No Sweat Method to Elegantly Wrap Circular Gifts

When it comes to wrapping a congratulatory gift fit for a wedding, the first gift wrapping paper that comes to mind is our Golden Garden gift wrapping paper. Well, the...

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Radiating Japanese Pleats
August 8, 2017

[Video] Gift Wrapping with Radiating Japanese Pleats and Batik Wrapping Paper

It’s been some time since we last featured our Flowers & Butterflies Batik gift wrapping paper. Batik patterns are so rarely printed on gift wrapping paper and we simply adore...

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Boho Chic Gift Wrapping
August 2, 2017

[Video] Boho Chic Style Gift Wrapping with Flower Garden Paper

I am a child of the 1970s. The fact that we have been flooded lately with boho-style fashion is therefore simply marvellous. Say goodbye to monochrome and hello to a...

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Diagonal Japanese Pleats
July 24, 2017

[Steps] Using Sticker Decorations and Diagonal Japanese Pleats in Gift Wrapping

In the Western part of the world, summer has passed its mid-point. The month of August carries with it whiffs of autumn. Here in Singapore, our summer journey continues in...

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Wrap Children's Clothing
July 19, 2017

[Steps] Follow This Chic Way to Wrap Children’s Clothing

It’s hard enough to wrap oddly-shaped gifts. It’s even harder when it has no specific form, like a piece of fabric or clothing. Indeed, this time we have been given...

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Wrap Potted Plants
July 10, 2017

Potted Plant Gift Wrapping as Favours and Decor

To commemorate World Population Day this 11th July, we present a potted plant gift wrapping idea to represent hope and success to the entire world. World Population Day was declared...

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Goth bottle with Japanese pleats
July 4, 2017

Bottle Gift Wrapping Goth Style with Japanese Pleats

How would you gift wrap for a friend who struts the goth style? The answer is to give your gift wrapping a goth style too. This means lots of black,...

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Weaved Party Favour Pack Made From Batik Wrapping Paper
June 20, 2017

[Video] Weaved Party Favour Pack Made From Batik Wrapping Paper

The month of Ramadhan is coming to a close and the feast of Eid falls on Sunday, 26th June 2017, in Singapore (and most of South-East Asia). For Muslims who...

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gift bow and sentiment tag
June 13, 2017

[Video & Template] Two-In-One Gift Decoration Pretty Bow and Sentiment Tag

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we hope you’ve already got something special for Dad. These days we are surrounded by so many new-fangled, interesting gizmos, there is...

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Bright Gift Basket
June 6, 2017

[Video] Eid Mubarak Festive Gift Basket for Your Muslim Friends

Muslims all over the world are now observing  the 30-day fast in the month of Ramadhan. The fasting month ends with festivities on the holiday of Eid-ul-Fitr or the Day...

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Gift Envelope
May 30, 2017

[Video] How to Gift Wrap Small Gifts to Make an Impression

This year, Father’s Day falls on 18th June in Singapore. Yes, we just celebrated Mother’s Day about a month ago. But we have not yet arrived at a hiatus from...

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Jane Means Giftwrapping Book
May 24, 2017

Giftwrapped by Jane Means

As providers of gift wrapping services, we have role models whom we aspire to be. We also read lots and lots of gift wrapping books and watch countless videos to...

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Gift Basket Bereavement
May 16, 2017

[Steps] How to Make Your Own Bereavement Gift Basket

We recently finished a project order to a make bereavement gift basket for those who were coping with the lost of their loved ones. Yes, gift basket making is part...

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Gift Wrap Cream Tube
May 10, 2017

[Steps] Be a Master at Gift Wrapping Cream Tubes

We cannot stop giving you more gift wrapping ideas for Mother’s Day coming up this weekend. This time we’ve decided to do a gift wrapping demo for the ever popular...

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Wrap circular shapes
May 3, 2017

[Steps] Step-by-Step Method to Wrap Circular Gifts Perfectly

Mother’s Day falls on 14th May in Singapore and it is now time to scramble around for gifts and flowers for mummy dearest. Topping the list of gifts is undoubtedly...

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Light green wrapping paper with silvery snail loops
April 25, 2017

You Too Can Turn Gift Wrapping Scraps Into Something Gorgeous

It has been raining quite a bit in Singapore, a welcome relief from the searing and suffocating tropical heat. The air is deliciously cool and the rain keeps us indoors...

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Leopard Pattern Gift Wrapping Style
April 18, 2017

[Video] Make Japanese Pleats on Animal Print Gift Wrapping Paper

It may seem hard to find a place for animal print gift wrapping papers in current style trends that tend to lean towards minimalism. Plus leopard or cheetah prints are...

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Stylish Gift Bag
April 11, 2017

[Video] Discover this New Way to Make a Stylish Gift Bag

We created this stylish gift bag with a front pocket from one continuous piece of our retro label gift wrapping paper. The front pocket is great for placing flowers or...

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Floral Gift Wrapping Paper
April 3, 2017

Master the Tricks of Wrapping with Floral Gift Wrapping Paper

Floral gift wrapping paper can be tricky to work with especially when it comes to adding embellishments. At times, these wrapping papers come in a riot of colours you might...

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Polka Dot Wrapping Paper
March 27, 2017

How To Fancy Up a Simple Polka Dot Gift Wrapping Sheet

We went to Daiso in search of large swaths of gift wrapping paper to wrap up gifts for a children’s birthday party. Daiso sells everything for SG$2 (about US$1.45). We...

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Flowers & Butterflies Batik Wrapping Paper
February 21, 2017

[Video] Guys: Impress Your Lady with This Batik Pattern Gift Wrapping Paper

This article is dedicated to all you guys out there trying to make a great impression with that special girl. Give her a gift you must, whether this is your...

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