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Less is always more with the Casual gift wrapping service.

Our casual gift wrapping service creates simple but pretty gift wrapping for your gifts.

Price starts at

We Provide

1. Gift wrapping paper,
2. Design & styling,
3. Up to 2 meters of one type of ribbon, and
4. One simple bow.

Simply tell us the general look that you want for your gift and we will style the package for you.

The gift size

The sum of the item dimensions Length + Breadth + Height should not be more than 49.5cm. If the total dimensions exceed 49.5cm, you will need to purchase additional wrapping sheets and ribbons. Please use the Gift Dimension and Price Calculator to get an estimate.

How long does it take

Simply leave your item with us and pick it up within 1 to 3 working days. Complex and irregular shaped items may take longer.

What you will get

Take a look at this gallery of examples for the Casual Gift Wrapping Style.

Gift Dimension and Price Calculator