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Halloween Gift Tags 2019
03 Oct

12 Free Halloween Gift Tags For Treats, No Tricks

These Halloween gift tags are so super cute, you want to show them off on your treat bags. The theme is fun-filled in Halloween colours. We are giving away 12 templates in 2 designs for free. Check out a witch cat coming out of a hat and a pirate drummer. Don’t miss out! Click here to download them now.

This year we decided to create really cute-looking and colourful Halloween gift tags and sticker labels. The truth is we are scaredy-cats and do not take to creepy stuff. Horror movies lead to sleepless nights. For those celebrating Halloween, we would like to send our warmest wishes. It’s a great excuse for a dress-up party!

Speaking of parties, none would be complete with some door gifts and simple greetings. So as an introduction to our new Halloween designs, we decided to give our Halloween gift tags for free.

Pirate Drummer Halloween Gift Tag

PIR-HAL-TAG-1 Pirate Drummer Halloween Tag

The Pirate Drummer Halloween tag is the perfect favour decoration or label for Halloween and other occasions. The design depicts a pirate playing the drums. This gift tag can be personalised with your messages and best wishes.

Witch Cat Halloween Gift Tag

CAT-HAL-TAG-1 Witch Cat Halloween Tag

The Witch Cat Halloween tag is the perfect favour decoration or label for Halloween and other occasions. The design depicts a witch black cat in a pumpkin. This gift tag can be personalised with your messages and best wishes.

Whether you are hosting or attending a dinner party this Halloween, you would want to attach gift tags to your gifts. Gift tags are great as a gift decoration. The greetings and messages gift tags carry also give a voice and meaning to the gifts.

Birthday Invitation Cards For Download
18 Sep

Birthday Invitation Cards for Download

A party cannot be held without guests. That’s why we are proud to launch our first ever set of birthday invitation cards. If you have never seen these designs before, it’s because we design all our gift and party stationery ourselves.

How to use our invitation cards

There are 2 ways to use our invitation cards. All our invitation cards can be fully personalised. Firstly, we are a paper company that care about the environment.

After personalisation, we provide a file download option for our invitation cards. Customers can attach this file to their emails so that their birthday announcements can be sent to guests. Alternatively, the file can be sent to your favourite printer to produce physical prints of the invitation cards in unlimited quantities.

Secondly, customers can also choose for Gift Elements to print the physical copies of invitation cards. We ship to locations all over the world. So don’t worry about which address you’re at, we will get your lovely invitation cards delivered to you.

Rainbow Celebration Invitation Card

RAI-BIR-INV-1 Rainbow Celebration Invitation

The Rainbow Celebration Invitation Card depicts a colourful striped background. We love that it looks so vibrant and fun. Some stripes can be seen faintly through the white text area to maximise colour play across the invitation card.

The design is truly an eye-candy, so sweet-looking you want to eat it. Unfortunately, at this moment we haven’t thought of making our invitation cards edible. This invitation card can be used for both adult and children birthday announcements.

The cake graphic is scalable and moveable. So it can be moved around and resized across the invitation card template. It makes the invitation cards look really cute. It can also be removed to make more space for words.

Sophistication Celebration Invitation Card

BIR-SOP-INV-1 Celebration Sophistication Invitation

The Sophistication Celebration Invitation Card depicts an azure blue watercolour background. This is one of our favourite designs. The blue hue was carefully selected and painted in soft watercolour strokes.

The idea here is to project a tropical, beach party with lots of glitter and bubblies. Imagine yourself having an adults-only birthday party at a rustic beach enclave in the Bahamas, Havana or Greece.

This invitation card presents the perfect colour theme for a yacht party filled with latino beats and lots of salsa. The design spells an exciting holiday far, far away from home with close friends you can go crazy with. While you’re at it, why not throw a party fit for the Kardashians!

Birthday Lights and Balloons Invitation Cards

BLB-CEL-INV-1 Birthday Lights and Balloons Invitation

The Birthday Lights and Balloons Invitation Card depicts light decorations, balloons and confettis. The must-have decor you will see at any birthday party.

The design carries the perfect theme for a kid’s birthday party. The invitation card is easily editable and customisable directly on our website. Easily just enter the vital party information for the invitation, download the file and email it to all your kid’s friends. It’s so sweat and hassle-free.

This invitation card design can easily be matched with any party-ware theme available on plates, cups, gift wrapping, napkins and table mats. So you can easily breeze through all the planning and purchasing.

Thank You Gift Tags
10 Jun

Wedding Gift Tags and Sticker Labels

Gift tags and sticker labels are must-haves at weddings to personalise wedding favors and send greetings to guests. We have produced a range of designs for gift tags and sticker labels with the wedding theme in mind. These designs are also great for gifting on other occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, bridal showers and any other celebrations.

The gift tags and sticker labels come in matching designs. This gives you the freedom to shape your favors the way you like it. Personalise it with a gift tag or sticker label based on the style you desire.

Romantic Bouquet Thank You Sticker

Romantic Bouquet Thank You Sticker

This is a classic label design of a flower bouquet at the top of the label. The Romantic Bouquet Thank You sticker is the perfect favor decoration or gift seal for weddings and engagements. The bouquet design depicts a clutch of sweet briar roses in pink and red covering the top of the sticker.

This sticker label design comes in 6 shapes. We think this flower die-cut is unique and will brighten up any plain favor box. Pink flowers are very popular at weddings. So this sticker label or gift tag makes the perfect accompaniment.

Get a matching gift tag with this design here.

Leaf Crown Thank You Sticker

Leaf Crown Green Thank You Sticker

The Leaf Crown Thank You sticker depicts a crown of leaves running through the top and sides of the sticker. When personalising, the little heart in between the names can be moved around.

This monochromatic design depicts botanicals on a deep green background. It has a more serious and sophisticated feel to it. Despite the deep colour, the design is in a way minimalist and leaps at you in a sensuous way.

This design comes in 2 other colours, pink and grey. For the bride and groom with a fetish for bright and bold colours.

Love Birds Thank You Sticker


The Love Birds Thank You sticker depicts two turtle doves smooching on top of a pink heart at the top centre of the sticker. The design is so simple, it’s almost down-to-earth. You could picture two young people kissing out of pure, innocent love.

The big pink heart just shouts out “stand on me and love conquers all”. It’s the perfect prayer for all brides and grooms, husbands and wives, families and everyone in all forms of relationship. The sticker comes in 5 colours ranging from pastels to deeper hues.

This design can be produced in 5 die-cut shapes. Change the text fonts and colours to create your own style.