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Enclosure Cards to Include with Your Wedding Invitation

Enclosure Cards to Include with Your Wedding Invitation

Are you planning to create a wedding invitation online or order your wedding invitation from a wedding invitation shop? If yes, you might want to look into wedding invitation enclosure cards. Wedding invitation card enclosures are often referred to as wedding invitation details cards. As it is not always possible to include every important detail relevant to your wedding in the wedding invitation card itself. Wedding invitation enclosure cards can step in and save the day!

Types of Wedding Invitation Enclosures

If you are organising a formal wedding celebration, you might want to consider wedding invitation enclosure cards. One reason is because including enclosure cards reflect good wedding invitation etiquette on your part. In addition, they also keep your primary wedding invitation card from looking too cluttered.

Several kinds of wedding enclosures are possible. You need to choose which suit your individual requirements before you add them to your wedding stationery suite.

1. Save-the-Date Card

Save-the-Date wedding enclosure cards are most commonly used for destination weddings. It is intended to help your guests plan their travel itinerary to attend your wedding getaway. They are also a convenience for your guests when your wedding is scheduled on a holiday or will be taking place in a tourist hotspot location. While Save-the-Date wedding invitation card enclosures are not always necessary, they ensure a better turnout for your wedding.

2. Maps and Directions Card

Probably the most common type of wedding invitation enclosure card, the Maps and Directions card help your guests to reach your wedding venue. You can use this card to direct your guests to your wedding venue, your reception venue, as well as any other nearby places that your guests might be interested in visiting for a getaway wedding. With GPS devices available now, the Maps and Directions card might seem irrelevant. But, do remember to include it in your wedding invitation enclosure if you are organising your wedding event in a remote location.

3. Reception Card

A Reception Card should be included in your wedding invitation enclosure if you are organising your wedding reception in a separate venue. List out how guests can commute to the venue and the time schedules when you seek their attendance. If the venue for your solemnisation and wedding reception is the same, you may choose to leave this card out.

4. RSVP Card

A wedding RSVP card enclosed with your main wedding invitation card helps you to estimate your guest turnout. Generally, a wedding RSVP card will require space for your guest’s name, their decision to attend, and a response deadline by which they ought to mail their reply back to you. 

5. Accommodations and Transportation Card

An Accommodations and Transportation Card makes for a helpful wedding invitation card enclosure if you have rooms and transportations booked for your wedding guests. If prior arrangements are not made, insert the name, contact number and location address for nearby accommodation and transportation service providers. Your out-of-town guests will thank you for it!

6. Attire Card

An Attire Card is a nifty addition to your wedding invitation. But, it is absolutely optional. Usually, you can mention the desired attire for your guests on the lower right-hand corner of your main wedding invitation card itself. However, if you have chosen a specific theme for guest attire at your wedding, you will need to provide clear details and explanation the Attire Card.

7. Itinerary Card

An Itinerary Card is a great throw-in as part of your wedding invitation enclosure when you plan multiple events for your wedding. You can also choose to have a specific Itinerary Card for each event. For example, if you are inviting a person for your wedding rehearsal dinner but do not want them at your pre-wedding brunch, you can throw in the Itinerary Card for the Rehearsal Dinner into their wedding card enclosure and leave the other card out. Include the date, time and location for each event on the individual Itinerary Card or list them all together in one single card.

8. Wedding Website Information Card

If you’ve designed a wedding website for your wedding, you don’t want to forget this wedding invitation card enclosure. A Wedding Website Information Card should share the web address for your wedding website. You can share the password for accessing the webpage, if any. You can use your wedding website to list out your wedding itinerary, dress code and nearby accommodations. In a way then, a wedding website will save you on stationery and postage – you don’t have to spend on all the different inserts as your wedding invitation card enclosure. You can even host a RSVP tool on your wedding website. However, if you want still prefer the old-school paper wedding invite enclosures, you are more than welcome to add as many wedding invitation card enclosures to your wedding stationery suite as you want.

9. Rain Card

If you have an outdoor wedding planned, you should also make arrangements for an alternate location where the ceremony can be held if the weather plays party-pooper. A Rain Card can list this alternate location and its address, so your guests know where to turn up if it begins to rain on your wedding date.

Don’t Crowd Your Wedding Invitation Card Unnecessarily

Wedding invitation card enclosures help you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your wedding invitation card. Wedding invitations are special items which are saved by many guests as memorabilia. But, you do not want to cramp your wedding card with too many details and make it appear confusing. Imagine designing a beautiful wedding card for your guests, and then inserting excessive texts on it, only to mar its appearance.

Look over your wedding card invitation enclosure options and select the ones that fit your wedding invitation purpose the best. Try to limit your wedding invitation card enclosures to 2-3 cards for maximum effect. While it isn’t obviously mandatory to insert enclosure cards such as Accommodation and Transportation cards, your guests will definitely appreciate the thoughtful gesture. If you prefer contemporary modern efficiency, you could always design a wedding website and skip on the different enclosure cards. Simply throw in a wedding website information card with your main wedding invite, and you are good to go!

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