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ALL-MUHV-ART-1 Allah-Muhammad Versatile Wall Art

Islamic Art

Created by Muslims for Muslims


BAB-HOU-ART-1 Baba House Wall Art

Singapore Art

Singapore icons and sights


BAM-BOO-ART-1 Bamboo Wall Art

Modern Art

Art for contemporary decor


AQU-DUB-PHO-1 Aquaventure Dubai Photo Art

Photo Art

Art caught on camera



A tree is planted with each order

Here at Gift Elements, we’re committed to environmental protection as we give customers the best product quality. When you purchase a piece of wall art, we contribute to reforestation efforts by planting a tree to give back what we take. The paper and wooden frames we use all come from trees. As an eco-conscious business, we are always concerned about ensuring sustainability by restoring nature’s resources. For this reason, we do not offer wrap canvas online because they are less reusable compared to conventional frames. We hope you will join us in our efforts to preserve trees and green up planet Earth.

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