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Art Services for Hotels

Art can be a defining aspect of hotel design, contributing to a welcoming and inspiring environment for guests. Our art services for hotels are designed to help hotels create a meaningful and impactful art collection that reflects their unique brand identity.

Art Consultancy for Hotels


Comprehensive Art Consultancy

Our art consultancy services cover everything from art sourcing to installation and curation. We work closely with hotels to understand their goals and objectives, and to create a cohesive art program that enhances the guest experience.

Art Sourcing

We have an extensive network of artists and galleries, both locally and internationally, that we can draw from to source high-quality artwork for hotels. Our art sourcing services are designed to help hotels create a unique and meaningful art collection that aligns with their brand identity.

Art sourcing for hotels


Art customisation for hotels


Custom Commission

We offer custom commission fine art services, which allow hotels to commission fine art that are specifically designed for their space and brand identity. We work closely with artists and hotels to create fine art that fit within the hotel’s overall design and enhance the guest experience.

Installation and Curation

Our installation and curation services are designed to ensure that the art collection is presented in a way that enhances the guest experience and fits within the hotel’s overall design. We work closely with hotels to identify the best locations for each piece, and to ensure that all necessary lighting and framing is in place.

Art Installation for hotels


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