4 Best Scented Candle Fragrance for Working at Home

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Our sense of smell can make or break our moods. It is linked to the part of our brain that processes emotions and memories. Both our sense of touch and smell have protective functions that alert us to harmful as well as toxic environments. But smelling pleasant fragrance can bring huge benefits to our emotions and psychology. For this reason, burning scented candles is both traditionally and popularly regarded as a source of calm. For many of us, luxurious scented candles is a way of pampering ourselves at home and an effective way to soothe our nerves. For those working at home, scented candles are also available in energising and stimulating fragrance for an all-day perk up and razor-sharp focus. Here are some mind-boosting scented candle fragrance recommended for the home-bound career go-getters:

Scented Candles Must-Have for Work

1. Citrus

Citrus fragrance is a big favourite for a lot of people. In fact for scented candles, it is one of the top selling fragrance. Citrus is known for its characteristic zesty and uplifting smell. One mood-boosting whiff cranks up energy levels and feelings of positivity. It has been proven that the citrus scent has beneficial effects on the limbic system – a complex brain function that controls emotion, motivation, learning, memory and anxiety. This happiness-inducing scent zaps away stress and anxiety leaving you refreshed and all revved up for the day’s work. Scented candles with citrus aroma notes include bergamot, lime, orange, mandarin, lemon, lemongrass, yuzu and grapefruit. One downside of the citrus scent is that for some people, it may leave a discomforting sharp vinegarish note after some time. To avoid this pungent effect, get scented candle products that combine citrus scents with sandalwood, cinnamon or green tea for a more earthy and warm note.

2. Mint

Mint is traditionally used to add a cooling sensation to food, drinks and increasingly beauty products. It is an elixir that brings relief to many ailments such as depression, headaches, indigestion, bad breath, the common cold, itch and muscle pain. Both its aroma and touch brings an assuring and relaxing feeling. Since mint has a medicinal association, its fragrance has an awakening and healing effect. It creates an invigorating environment and helps increase focus. A minty aroma somewhat clears the air and rids our minds of toxic thoughts. Mint is a fragrant herb from the genus Mentha. Within the mint family, there are 25 other genus that includes peppermint and spearmint. It is a perennial plant that normally grows in more temperate parts of the world but adapts quickly to thrive in other climes. Scented candles in winning combinations of mint with green tea, coconut and jasmine will give you a refreshing and mind-expanding effect that you get after a downpour or thunderstorm. One downside of mint is excessive exposure may lead to an acidic feeling in the throat and tummy. It is also not advisable to burn mint scented candles for prolonged periods in small enclosed places where there are infants and small children.

3. Elegant Floral and Fruity

Although the smell of flowers is most often blissful, the scents do range widely from sensuous and sleep-inducing ones to those that are energising. So if you want a scented candle as a work companion, make sure you choose light refreshing floral fragrances such as lily, orchid, cherry blossom (sakura), hyacinth, freesia, jasmine, magnolia and peony. Floral fragrances are generally quite sweet and mellow. If you prefer a hint of robustness, get scented candles that combine fruity with floral aromas. Fruits that emit elegant light fragrance include lychee, apple, melon, pear, mango and peach. There are no known side-effects of smelling the scent of flowers and fruits other than they may be artificially made containing aromatic chemicals such as aliphatic aldehydes, especially those fragrances with the sparkly top note. These chemicals may cause feelings of nausea or respiratory sensitisation after long exposures.

4. Woody

Wood scented candles like sandalwood, pine, bamboo and cedar can be quite opulent. But these fragrances bring in the earthy forest aroma together with the dewy sensations of plants and leaves. Woody aromas have a quietening effect. Sometimes referred to as a musky scent, it encompasses aroma notes from soil, grass, herbs, moss, breezy air and running water. Although it can be considered as a great fragrance for romantic cuddling, it also has a masculine edge that is great to induce that all-day rush of adrenaline. Woody scents are inspired by nature and may come in a variety of aromas. Appreciating these concoctions is at times an acquired taste at times with a touch of sweet spicy notes from cinnamon, cardamom or cloves. This means some may be turned off by woody aromas. Plus the production of woody scents walks a fine line between artificially-made and naturally-extracted fragrances.

Do Not Get These Scented Candles For Work

1. Herbal

Scented candles that contain herbal fragrances such as ginger, basil, sage, rosemary and thyme are great for spiritual well-being and meditation. Use them as an accompaniment to your yoga practice, prayers or quiet moments after a hard day’s work. Herbal aromas are wonderful to have during meal times or social interactions because they create warm and cosy environments.

2. Lavender

Lavender scented candles are calming and soothing. It is commonly used as aromatherapy to promote wellness. This herbal-floral fragrance douses the fire in our nerves and helps to put anyone into sleep mode. It is appropriate as a bedroom fragrance and pillow spray. Burn lavender candles for a couple of hours before bedtime to ease your way into a restful slumber.

3. Heavy Floral

Candles with heavy floral scents are sensuous and embracing. Flowers known for their heavy and sweet fragrances are the rose, gardenia, wisteria and lilac. Floral aromas can be overwhelming and intoxicating good for nodding off into a balmy snooze. For those who are stuck on floral scented candles, get the lightly perfumed ones for a more subtle waft during a work day.

4. Cocoa & Coffee

Similar to the heavy floral fragrance, scents of cocoa and coffee can be distractingly delicious. This may be surprising because coffee is especially supposed to be stimulating. However, it also whets the appetite and may prompt one to feel peckish and twitchy.

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