Our Philosophy

We want to place beautiful designs in your homes, your lives and your memories.

Gift Elements LLP, based in Singapore, was founded in 2016 based on a simple passion for turning gifts into something exceptionally gorgeous and presentable. We think that the shared moment of giving and receiving should always be a special one. Today, we pride ourselves in designing our own stationery for weddings, parties and gifting. Our online store offers invitation cards, gift tags and sticker labels with your guests in our minds. This comes from our gift wrapping philosophy where we began. We believe that a celebration or party is conducted as a gift from the hosts to their guests. So we want to help you express the best message to all your guests in the most beautiful way.

The Business

We want to create the best and most efficiency customisation experience for our customers.

When we created this online store, we were very focused on ensuring that the customer has peace of mind when shopping for our products. The ability to customise designs without having to pay expensive designer fees was foremost on our minds. Currently, customers have the ability to create their own invitation cards, gift tags and stickers directly on our online store. Designs can be downloaded at a nominal price and customers are free to print on their own. Design images can also be emailed for virtual announcements. We also provide printing services and spent a lot of time evaluating the best type of paper for the stationery. Our printers are reputable at doing their work and offer top quality prints.

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Reduce Paper

Standing by traditions with consideration for the environment

Sending out paper invitation cards is etched in wedding traditions since time immemorial. Despite the presence of virtual invitation services, paper invitation cards still hold sway over the digital alternatives. Why is this so?

Physical invitation cards are important in making the emotions and romance of the wedding a lot more palpable. People generally want to feel that way because they are not only turning up at the wedding as guests. They are there to be directly involved in the union and contribute their heartfelt emotions in return.

We want to deliver these expectations, and at the same time do something for the environment. That is why we only offer single invitation cards and not the folded types. Also, we only provide other matching stationery such as menu cards, RSVP cards, signage and Save-The-Date cards on a request-only basis. This way we can fulfil our responsibility to the environment by reducing the usage of paper.

The Founders

We are Eva and Nealda Sahib … sisters and business partners

Eva Sahib

She is a trained medical doctor with a love for photography, video editing and digital marketing. Eva takes care of all social media presence for Gift Elements. Responding to visitor engagements is part of her responsibility. Eva loves to travel and draws inspiration from different cultures in the far-flung places she has been to.

Nealda Sahib

She is a trained biomedical scientist with a love for architecture and interior design. Nealda takes care of product design, ideation and design sourcing. She works with designers and also creates the designs herself with her aptitude in art and drawing. The stewardship of the website and online store is also part of Nealda’s responsibility.

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