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Our Story

Gift Elements LLP, based in Singapore, was founded in 2016 and started out with a gift wrapping and wrapping paper business. Today, we pride ourselves in designing our own event stationery, home decor and lifestyle products. We create our own original artwork and produce ornamental pieces for decorative purpose. Colours and bold vibes are the cornerstones of our product design philosophy. We follow interior decor trends and theories when creating products. Our ultimate goal is whenever a customer owns a piece of our creation, it always makes a statement.

100% Online Store

As a small business, we’ve made the deliberate choice to exclusively operate as a 100% E-commerce store. This decision allows us to provide an extensive range of product options while prioritizing utmost convenience for our customers. By embracing this digital model, we can seamlessly connect with both local and global clientele, breaking geographical barriers.

At present, we’ve opted not to maintain a brick-and-mortar gallery for showcasing our artwork. However, we stand firmly behind the quality of our products. Hence, we offer a 365-day return policy in the rare event that our products fail to meet the high standards we promise. This commitment underscores our dedication to customer satisfaction and ensures that our patrons feel supported throughout every step of the ordering and shipping process. From initial purchase to delivery, we’re here to provide guidance and assistance, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Giving back to the environment

At Gift Elements, we want to do our part for the environment. We are committed to plant a tree with every order as a way of giving back to Mother Earth. For invitation cards, an option to purchase recycled paper is available. Most of our home decor and lifestyle products are created and delivered on-demand. This way we prevent wastage and only use what is needed.

When you purchase a piece of wall art, we contribute to reforestation efforts by planting a tree to give back what we take. The paper and wooden frames we use all come from trees. As an eco-conscious business, we are always concerned about ensuring sustainability by restoring nature’s resources. For this reason, we offer limited framing options online to streamline production processes and reduce emissions.

The Business

We want to create the best and most efficiency customisation experience for our customers.

When we created this online store, we are very focused on ensuring that the customer has peace of mind when shopping for our products. The ability to customise designs without having to pay expensive designer fees is foremost on our minds. Currently, customers have the ability to personalise their own invitation cards, gift tags and stickers directly on our online store. As for our home decor and lifestyle products, we persevere to provide customisation options whenever this is possible. Gift Elements work with printing and fulfilment partners all around the world. This way we can deliver to global customers from fulfilment locations nearest to them. We are also passionate about supporting local handcrafted products to showcase Singapore artisans to the world.

The Founders

Nealda Sahib

She is a qualified interior decorator and avid graphic designer. Nealda takes care of product design, ideation and design sourcing. She creates the designs herself with her aptitude in art and drawing, and also works with other designers. The stewardship of the website and online store is also part of Nealda’s responsibility.

Eva Sahib

She has passion for photography, video editing and digital marketing. Eva takes care of all social media presence for Gift Elements. Responding to visitor engagements is part of her responsibility. Eva loves to travel and draws inspiration from different cultures in the far-flung places she has been to.


Qualifications and Memberships
Interior Designer
Society of Interior Designers Singapore


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