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Frequently Asked Questions

Empowering Artists with Affordable Internet Marketing Solutions

Where will you post the images?

All postings will be hosted primarily on our Instagram (IG) profile Each IG post will automatically be shown on our Facebook profile as a Free bonus.

What image should I submit?

If you choose the Basic and Studio posting options, you will need to prepare and submit images that are fully ready for Instagram posting. For these options, we will not provide image editing. If you choose the Master posting option, you will need to submit your artwork image that we can use to edit and prepare the image content for Instagram posting.

Do you guarantee any sales or likes?

No, we do not guarantee any sales or likes. This is because art is subjective and tastes differ from person to person. However, posts hosted on our Instagram profile will receive exposure from a more global audience.

Will my image be posted immediately after ordering?

No, we will first schedule your image for posting. We will then inform you on when you can expect to see the post on our Instagram profile. We will try to work on this as soon as possible but the schedule duration will depend on the posting queue at any moment. To prevent delays, we only allow 10 guest posts per month.

How To Get Started With it?

Simply select the posting option and submit the order form. Your image will be assessed for posting. If we reject your image, your order can be cancelled with full refund.

What types of art do you accept for posting?

We accept art paintings/drawings meant for framing and wall hanging. We do not accept nude, pornographic and religious iconic art.

Who will view our posts?

We are professionally promoting our Instagram profile to a more global audience. Our target visitors are potential customers, buyers and art lovers from different industries and backgrounds.

Who will most benefit from these services?

Artists who are looking for more exposure on Instagram but face difficulties in growing their own profiles or targetting the right buyer audience will benefit most from these services. Most artists connect with other artists but not to buyers.

Is this better than gallery exhibitions?

Yes, definitely. Social media is able to reach a much wider viewing audience at a tiny fraction of the price of exhibition events. We focus on reaching out to audience from art cities of the world in North America, Europe and Australia. This ensures active engagement with your art posts during times in between your physical exhibitions.

Still have questions?

Free Art Brokerage Services

We can help to act as intermediaries between artists and buyers. Zero brokerage fees means artists can fully benefit from the sale. Simply tell us your price and leave the customer quotations to us.

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