How to Get IKEA Frames for Art Prints

Yes, our art prints will fit IKEA frames in the corresponding sizes. This means you can buy only the art prints from us and purchase your own frames separately from IKEA.

No, you will need to purchase the IKEA frames separately on your own.

Our wall art print sizes will match IKEA frames exactly. Here is the print and frame size guideline:

Art Print Size

Gift Elements

13 x 18 cm

21 x 30 cm

30 x 40 cm

40 x 50 cm

50 x 70 cm

IKEA Frame Size


13 x 18 cm

21 x 30 cm

30 x 40 cm

40 x 50 cm

50 x 70 cm

No, each art print has been pre-cut as ordered to fit directly onto the IKEA frame.

No further trimming or cutting of the art print is required.

Examples of IKEA frames that are suitable for our art prints are:


Please check with IKEA directly for size availability.

Please remove the matboard or mounting board that comes with IKEA frames.

It is better to mount the art prints without the matboard. This is because our art prints come with a stylish printed white border.

If you prefer to use the matboard, please ensure that it does not cover the artwork.

IKEA frame features

Simple place the art print directly onto the IKEA frame of your choice.

To do this, please follow the frame handling, usage, dismantling and assembly instructions provided by IKEA.

IKEA frames come in different border widths. Thinner frame borders are more suitable for our art prints.

Our art print has a printed white border to accommodate different frame border widths.

But take note that wider frame borders tend to have smaller art areas. This means the frame border may cover a part of the artwork.

IKEA frame border

No, we are not a partner of IKEA.

All matters regarding responsibilities and liabilities related to your purchase, handling, use and ownership of IKEA frames and products must be referred directly to IKEA.

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