Nonya Centre 4pcs

Wall Art Decor

The Nonya Centre Wall Art Set comprises of 4 pieces of curated artwork. The gallery is based on red and orange hues, which are considered as the colours of luck, prosperity, and happiness in many Asian cultures. The juxtaposition of different pieces creates a sense of contrast and tension, as each artwork has its unique visual language and message.

Finish: Digital prints on gallery-grade poster paper.
Print: High-definition art images in beautiful and vibrant colours.
Frames: Ready-to-hang picture frames made of handcrafted solid wood.
Delivery: Shipped in protective packaging to protect from damage during transportation.


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Size guide:
30 x 40 cm

Size guide:
50 x 50 cm

Size guide:
21 x 30 cm

Size guide:
13 x 18 cm

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