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10 Wall Decor Ideas to Beautify Your Interior Space

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Interior Decor

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Wall decor can spice up and elevate any space in the house. Every corner does not always require furniture to make it colourful. A statement piece on the wall or a bold wall art design can draw attention to make the space more lively. Some things to keep in mind while decorating your room can be the colour palette you choose, textures, the theme of your space, and the size of your wall art decor.

Here are some interesting wall decor ideas to amp up your room.

1. Custom Canvas Paintings

Bring out a personal touch to your space by adding a custom painting on your wall. This can become the focal point of the room. You can have one painting on a large canvas piece or multiple types in various mediums such as acrylic, oil, watercolour or digital. If you find that custom paintings are beyond your budget, you can try to DIY a picture collage. Collect your favourite photos or pictures and paste them in a symmetrical or an asymmetrical arrangement on a piece of canvas board. Mural wall paintings can also create an interesting feature. Unless you have great artistic skills, do get a professional to do the job.

2. Play with Textures

If you are someone who loves patterns and prints, you can explore the domain of textures. Use a weaved or a knitted decorative piece on a bold-coloured wall to add some softness to your space. If you prefer something rustic, you can use different types of wood as a wall hanging decor or even mount a bicycle on the wall. A fabric tapestry or a design made of plates or even baskets made of jute can attract attention and create wall space with interesting details.


3. Hang oversized wall pieces

If you want to decorate large walls in your space, an oversized wall decor can act as your statement piece. Make your decor functional by placing an oversized calendar or a whiteboard as a creative and dynamic wall decor piece. You can keep track of your daily activities and make your space look clean and crisp for everyday use. If you love traveling, you can display your passions on your wall. Add oversized maps on the wall or any graffiti which showcases your recent travels. Or make your wall a daily reminder of positive things by hanging typography quotes and wise words.

4. Reflective pieces

If you are working with a small space in your house, you should consider using reflective pieces like mirrors and glass pieces. Mirrors can create an illusion of depth and space that make the room look larger than it is. You can use a full-length mirror, or tiny pieces around the wall to create a design. You can opt for multiple options that can either be modern or traditional based on your taste. Glass pieces look delicate and can reflect the colour of the wall, making your space brighter.


5. Brighten your wall with lights

Having a great source of lighting is essential to add more proportion and balance to the room,. Lighting and shadows are a form of art for walls. You can opt for a large statement ceiling light if you have a large enough space. Using wall lamps above paintings and canvas pieces can draw attention to the decorations. If you like mood lighting, you can use LED bulbs that can change colours to create different auras in the room. Use string lights/ fairy lights to add a starry and magical theme to the room.

6. Freshen up with some plants

Refresh your space and add a pop of colour to your walls by hanging some plants. Plants are a perfect decoration for walls to add an essence of nature to the space. If you prefer neutral colours in your space, adding plants can be a great decorative piece to match the neutral theme. Adding dry flowers on an empty wall adds a hint of colour and is not too vibrant if you prefer something muted and minimalist.


7. Build some shelves

Having shelves on your walls to show off your book collection or toy collection is a great way to beautify the space and add personality to it. Floating shelves can be a creative wall decor for your space. It is cost-effective and easy to install. Play with shapes and sizes. You can use invisible shelves, triangle shelves, glass shelves or even a brightly-coloured ones.

8. Create an Accent Wall

Go bold and decorate the wall itself by using bright or pastel colours on a whole wall in the room. You can use wallpaper to add patterns to the wall. Having an accent wall can make the room look bigger or cosier. If your room has an awkward shape, having an accent wall can help to create balance and symmetry. Built-in metal panels, wooden claddings and wainscotting on the wall can add decorative appeal and style to your room.


9. Use your wall as a storage space

If your shelves are packed and you do not have enough space to store your belongings, you can create functional storage space on your wall. Install some hooks to hang your hats, umbrellas, or even your medals of achievement. A stylish open-wall storage space makes the room more personalised to your taste. This idea works best for spaces like your kitchen or the entry hallway. You can hang your knife set or pots and pans to create a functional and beautiful space.

10. Gallery Wall

If you have a narrow walking space or even a huge wall to cover, making a gallery wall is ideal. Print pictures of your friends or family and frame them up. You can make it more creative by adding colourful frames in different shapes and sizes. This adds a personal touch to the space and is a conversation starter for social gatherings.


Creating wall interior decor is not meant to be a routine or tedious process. It involves building a creative space to increase your productivity. Spaces with beautiful wall decor draw people’s attention and create a lively space. Redefine your walls by adding abstract, traditional, and modern pieces of your choice. Mix and match colours, textures, and styles on your wall space. The wall is a vertical space perfect for portraying our personality, insights and preferences. Use your personal experiences and hobbies as inspiration to exhibit decor on your wall spaces.

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