Global Art Fair 2022 Fine Art Exhibition

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Exhibition, Fine Art

The only disappointment of the Global Art Fair 2022, held in Singapore from 3rd to 6th November at the Marina Bay Sands, was the SG$20 entry fee. This fair was organised by the Global Art Fair Organizing Committee based in Seoul, South Korea. The art exhibits were a riot of colours mostly from South Korean artists. It was the first time we encountered art from South Korea. Its uniqueness and marked difference compared with most Asian artistic styles are a pleasant surprise.

There seems to be a lot of attention placed in ensuring that the artwork looks pretty, colour combinations match perfectly and lines are precise. Scenes are mostly recognisable such as cities, items, pets, botanicals and humans. Abstract work venture little into anything provocative and shocking. Chaos is absent. Attempts to cause it are kept discrete and polite. The art is demure and comforting that invites an equally polite observation and conversation.

Wandering through the fair is like walking through a well-manicured garden with nothing out of place. Here are some of our favourites:

Landscapes by artist Song In Hun, full-time lecturer and adjunct professor at Mokwon University, oil on canvas (South Korea)

Time-out Corner Tigers by artist Sosun Kim, B.A. in Sculpture, Seoul National University, oil on canvas (South Korea)

Alice by artist Sunghee Sim, oil on canvas (South Korea)

Romantic Skill by artist Sunghee Sim, oil on canvas (South Korea)

No title by artist Laurent Bouro, self-taught artist, oil on canvas (France)

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