These Moments Forever Fine Art Exhibition

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Exhibition, Fine Art

These Moments Forever Fine Art Exhibition

“These Moments Forever” by Artists Pateo and Melissa Teo

Pateo and Melissa Teo, a father-and-daughter duo, presents their fine art work in acrylic. This exhibition takes us on a nostalgic trip to Singapore in the past where rural areas co-exist with elements of modernisation.

Pateo’s artwork tell stories of rural places and activities long gone, such as wax umbrella crafting on Merchant Road and atap roof making. Each piece is exuberant with colour and movement as Pateo depicts people in moments of work and play. He aptly creates a variety of expressions from intense concentration, strain of labour, joy of communal cooperation and satisfaction from playfulness. The impressionist style is full of texture and depth as Pateo merges light and shadow in each stroke.

Melissa Teo’s work portrays the architectural aspects of Singapore in the midst of nation building. Her bold and colourful strokes skillfully use light and reflection to create shapes and forms. She combines abstract and realism to create interesting layers that are invigorating and strong. The geometrical style lends an atmosphere of somber urbanisation, which is softened by the clever use of colour layering to make the modern landscape come alive.

VENUE: Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

Opening night on 18th August 2022, Thursday
6:00PM to 7:30PM
Light Refreshments provided


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